The vase is one of the most sought after pieces in our private “museums”. They still look good, with or without flowers inside, and they are usually very affordable. Anyway, there is another option in the so-called DIY world (acronym of Do it yourself, which means do it yourself), which is nothing other than making our dazzling vasesHandmade“. With our own hands and without additional effort.

How? ‘Or’ What? Well, take advantage of everything we have at home and let’s throw it away. More precisely, we are talking about plastic and glass containers that you have surely separated to throw away (or in the best case, to be recycled). Yes all that empty plastic water bottles or those glass soda or beer bottles. And it is that the benefit is twofold: on the one hand, the economic cost will be zero, while at the same time we contribute to taking care of the environment, since we generate less waste and therefore our footprint on the planet is smaller. Oh, and you’re going to be sharpening your creativity too. You dare?


How to make vases from plastic bottles

Let’s take action. To perform the craftsmanship of the first vase idea we come up with, you will only need:

  • Nail plastic bottle. It can serve you the typical 2 liter bottle of any soft drink.
  • Nail the scissors.
  • the flowers that you like the most.
  • Stones decorative or bath salts.
  • A link or a rope.

The first thing we’ll do is wash the bottle and peel off your label, which will be better if we apply hot water. Once dry, we start to cut the plastic bottle with symmetrical band scissors between them, if possible to be good, starting to cut from the part of the cork to more or less the height of three quarters. Nothing happens if they all come out the same. At the base of the bottle we place the decorative stones or bath salts, which will also act as a counterweight to keep it firm.

Once all the strips are cut, we shape them by hand, to give uniformity, crushing the strips between them. To close everything we apply the loop or the rope, with a knot or just by lightly tightening the bands. In the hole that remains on the surface, just put our flowers, artificial or natural…. And ready!

Another good idea is also based on a bottle of water or soda. To do this, we will carefully cut its neck. We can throw away the rest of the container, since the cap will be the key: it will be fantastic support to place, for example, an orchid flower. It’s that easy, just cut and twist. Imagine the possibilities: a coffee table decorated with ten such vases, made by you, which are sure to impress your guests.

You can also try other types of bottles, such as the smallest of 33 cl. or half a liter. In any case, the result will always be spectacular!


How to make vases from glass bottles

The sensational final finish offered by glass in any of its variations is the reason why you should pay a lot pay attention to the following instructions and encourage yourself to build your vase with leftover glass bottles. For our first experience, you should have on hand:

  • A transparent glass bottle.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Thin rope, better if it is colored.
  • Scissors.

The process couldn’t be simpler: measure the height of the bottle and stick a piece of tape on top, that is, where the liquid is poured. It is important to leave the tape off a bit. Then, just pass the rope through the bottle to wind it. The more laps you do, the better the end result. Once you get to the top, cut the piece of duct tape and tie the string to hang it. Cut the rope and you’re done.


There is also the possibility of cutting a glass bottle to give it a second life in a vase (or another type of container). The operation is simpler than it seems at first glance. To cut a bottle with the perfect edges and finish, you will need:

  • Wire cotton.
  • Alcohol 96 degrees.
  • A lighter or matches.
  • Container full of Cold water, let it be deep.

We will start the process by wetting the cotton thread in a container with alcohol. Once well coated, we tie it in the bottle, just where we want to make the cut, knowing that the final cut will take effect about a centimeter above our mark. The whole process should be done in a safe and isolated location.

With great care and clean, alcohol-free hands, we light the wire, which will ignite instantly. We let it consume without haste, watching how the thread it turns black. It is at this moment that we will immerse the bottle in the container with very cold water, taking into account that the bottle must be completely covered. We move the container carefully, until we hear a popping sound, which will indicate that the cut has already been made. Otherwise, we can take the bottle out of the water and give it a few taps to make it break. Here is! The change in temperature worked a miracle … And we already have a large vase in which to place our favorite flowers.

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