How to make vases from glass bottles
Vase with glass bottle. Image: Akhmad Dody Firmansyah Shutterstock

Pretty glass bottles can be reused. With them you can create beautiful and creative vases. In this opportunity We will explain to you how to make a beautiful vase with glass bottles.

Vases with glass bottles

Not only will you find a way to keep using this pretty bottle, but you will recycle, respect the environment and give an original touch to the decoration of your home.

The materials to be used.

  • To get started, choose the glass bottle you like the most.
  • Then find the spray paint in your favorite color or according to the decoration.
  • You also need some rope.
  • Also a silicone gun.
  • Finally, some scissors.


It is quite easy to make these vases And the result is awesome, once you’ve done the first one you won’t want to stop making one for every corner of your house.

  1. To start, wash and dry the bottle of your choice.

  2. Then use a marker to draw the decoration you want to make on the bottle.

  3. After helping yourself with the silicone gun, start reviewing the design you made to emboss it.

  4. Plus, if you make a mistake, you can take the relief off and start over.

    The silicone is easily detached from the glass.

  5. Once you have the design, place the bottle on newspaper in a ventilated area.

  6. Then start painting the entire bottle with the spray paint.

  7. Then wait for it to dry completely.

  8. Once dry, take the rope and start gluing it to the spout of the bottle by wrapping it around it.

  9. You have to bring the rope to the opening of the bottle.

    Cut the rope and secure it with silicone.

  10. Now place the flowers you like the most and enjoy your new vase.

You can do this project with bottles of different sizes and make games with the same color and design, they will look very decorative.

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