Wooden construction set
Wooden construction set. Image: Qvist Shutterstock

Wooden toys are ideal for our little ones, you can make it yourself or buy it in one of the many stores that sell this type of toys, where they have all kinds of ready-made wooden toys.

Great ideas for having fun making wooden toys.

With the advent of technology filling our children’s computers and classrooms with the latest apps and games, it almost seemed like ‘once upon a time’ games must go out of fashion, but if we take a closer look , it shouldn’t. be like that. The “old” toys, in fact, are coming back to the crest of the wave, because everyone, especially children, likes to have fun manipulating simplicity, which is also learning by means of discovery.

Cuttings from more or less thick or large boards, or pieces of wood that are too small to build, even wood from a stool, everything is usable to make your own wooden toys.

Here we are sharing some ideas for making wooden toys with a little imagination. You will never see the pieces of wood as you have seen them before.

Wooden toys.

Cars, animals, toy cars: building with wood has never been so creative and educational, to have fun with children.

And even more fun is making games with your own hands, using, for example, pieces of wood or residues from our DIY works.


Before starting, you must get the tools necessary for the manufacture of toys, supervised by the “older ones” and possibly helped by the enthusiasm of the little ones. So you will find a work table, a hacksaw, vinyl glue, tweezers, a hammer, an electric screwdriver and everything you will need on the fly in the different projects.

Let’s see how to make many curious wooden toys for children:

It is easy to make animals, perhaps using ductile and easy to work plywood. It is better to draw the shape and then cut it with a saw. Sandpaper is used to smooth wood and paint to decorate it properly. Those more skilled at crafting may decide to try building sets of several pieces to assemble.

Wooden horse
Wooden horse. Image: John Kasawa Shutterstock

The wood is used to create beautiful large animals and figures that brighten up a child’s room and make great gift ideas.

Wooden kitchen
Wooden kitchen. Image: Zstock Shutterstock

That the kitchen is beautiful, made entirely of recycled wood from a bedside table and a few shelves, decorated with knobs and hooks.

Original board games, designed to promote children’s development, but easily reproducible at home, with a few pieces of wood.

Wooden board game
Wooden board game. Image: B. sunisa Shutterstock

Finally, an original idea is also the completely wooden crib, for which a pinch of skill and precision is necessary, but which it will be fun to create with the help of children and grandchildren, to live together. the magic of Christmas. .

Wooden crib
Wooden crib. Image: Pryzmat Shutterstock