Who else, who less, everyone has already had a woolen tassel in their hands. Whether it is to de-stress, decorate or simply to have something in your hands, it is an element that we never tire of fingering and caressing. What not everyone knows is that it is also a very easy job to do. And economical. A lot.

How to make woolen pom poms

To show you, today we will teach you how to make wool pom poms. A tradition which has gradually been lost and which, therefore, is more and more surprising when used for any purpose. Now that the vintage is on its way, if you pull on the wool pompom to surprise your friends, you will be a benchmark in the industry. Leave him little sheep Norit.

How to make woolen pom poms step by step

The truth is that to explain how to make wool pom poms step by step, it may take longer than making the wool pom pom in real life. Simple and fast. A DIY to love you and for others.

Step 1 – Take the two cardboard toilet paper rolls, pinch them with your fingers (as shown in the photo) and start wrapping them with an edge of the ball of yarn.

2nd step – The amount of thread you put in the rolls will depend on the size of the pompom you want. Take the first ones you make as a reference, because a pom pom for a key ring is not the same as for decorating the car you are going to give to your child.

He spent 3 – Once you have reached the appropriate size, cut the ball with the scissors. The same does not matter if you use the meaty ones, the seam ones like the Mercadona nose hairs. As long as they cut, anything goes. It is not about spending more than necessary and obviously we will not buy special scissors for balls of yarn.

Step 4 – Take the two edges and tie them by first passing them through the intersection made by the two rolls of paper (as it appears in the photo)

Step 5 – Before removing the ball, tie one of the edges with a finger. This protruding thread will serve you, when finished, to hang, tie or tie the pompom to whatever you want. Did you see how practical?

Step 6 – Once you have removed the ball, tie it off again, this time covering the entire contour. Give it 3 or 4 turns and two or three solid knots, to secure it well. Although, under normal circumstances with a few knots you will have more than enough.

Step 7 – Once the knots are finished, cut the shorter edge, the one you did not save for later. Leave it as close as possible to the knots, and thus avoid the threads that break the harmony of this work of art that you are marking.

Step 8 – Then cut the ends with the pompom. The idea of ​​cutting the threads, besides giving the desired size of the pompom, is that the threads are not hanging, but rather sharp and beautiful.

Step 9 – The goal is for the pom pom to be like in the photo, as if you put wax on it and it was with the hair standing. The effect is a lot more fun than if it were straight and dead, like a hair without Pantene. Why are we doing this? Because you are worth it.

Step 10 – Add a final touch to your pompom and think of something important: you will find the remains of a ball of yarn for up to five years later. Don’t get upset, it’s not your fault. They are masters of the underground.

Step 11 – Here is! You already have your pompom and with it your trip to the 80s. Cool, right? And without Delorean.

Step 12 – Make multiple models and see them take the measurements, sizes and amount of material you need, so you don’t spend buying bales by the ton.

Materials for making wool pom poms

When we say it’s a low cost crafts, we are not exaggerating one iota. The materials for making woolen pompoms they’re extremely inexpensive, when you don’t already have them in your house. In fact, the only thing you will need to buy will be the ball of yarn, and that will give you multiple units, so the business is round.

¿What do you need?

  • Two empty toilet paper rolls
  • The scissors
  • Ball of yarn

Already? Yes that’s it.

Decorations with wool pom poms

The question many have, once they have finished their 250 wool pom poms, now is what should I do with them? Completely poorly worded question, because the right one would be what you don’t do with them. Here are several ideas for decorations with woolen pompoms. Put a pompom in your life.

Gifts – You’re going to give someone something. Add a little pom pom to the box or bag, and most importantly, say you did it. You already know that DIY brings sentimental value to whatever is present. That way, if he doesn’t like it, he won’t tell you anything because he’ll know that at least you’ve tried. The psychology of gifts in the 21st century is very important. If you give it a iPhone, it doesn’t matter if you deliver it in a bag of crossroads.

Carousel – Your baby may have nightmares when he grows up and ends up at the psychiatrist, but that will make up for the amount of “ Oiiinssss, how cute ” you will hear from everyone who walks in and sees this carousel on his or her cradle. Maximum posture in favor of applause from others.

Curtains – There are those who named these curtains, very correctly, like the model Emmanuelle. The reason is not lacking. The immediate evocation is that of a 70s soft movie. Now, the hippie point is also pretty cool. Still, it takes a lot of courage to put this in your house.

Painting – If you stand in front of this board and say the word pompom three times out loud, the board will absorb you and your soul will be tied to one of the pompoms for life. A very cute death but no less cruel for that.

Blanket – Things as they are, it’s not bad. Still, if you have a cool and cute blanket like this, don’t spoil it with pom poms.

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