yarn with newspaper

In addition to taking care of the environment, when we recycle we manage to do many beautiful projects that are used to help us around the house or to decorate. One of the materials we can use for projects is the journal.

With enough patience and time, amazing things can be done. If you accumulate a lot of old newspapers, you can knitted with recycled paper.

How to make yarn from paper.

A very simple technique with which you can carry out countless projects. Learn how to create journal thread and begins to weave with him many beautiful and useful things.

The technique for making newsprint yarn is very similar to that used for making yarn from plastic bags. It is folded and cut so that the sheet turns into a strip as long as possible, then it is rolled up and joining one strip to another. In Green upgrader we saw this news and you can see in the photos how to perform this technique.

This idea was made by the Dutch design studio Greetje van Tiem, with his project “Indruk”, which managed to collect 20 years of yarn by recycling newsprint. After the yarn is made, it can be woven in different ways. For example, it can be used to line something or to make a curtain.

Materials needed

4 materials you need to obtain very functional newspaper feeds.

  • The first are several newspaper sheets.
  • second a cup of water.
  • The third an atomizer where you will place the cup of water.
  • Finally scissors.


It’s very simple, so much so that It is hard to believe that such wonderful items can be made with such a simple method.

  1. To start, take several sheets of newspaper.

  2. Then put the water in the spray bottle.

  3. The next step is to spray the leaves with water, you need to do it one by one.

  4. You should also make sure they are moist but not soggy.

  5. This procedure should be done 30 minutes before starting to thread.

    In this way, the sheet softens and becomes more moldable.

  6. After this time is up, take a damp sheet of newspaper and fold it into three parts.

  7. Then cut each strip of newspaper that you folded.

  8. Lay the sheets on the black and white side for a more even finish.

  9. Now fold the strip into three parts, leaving the ends facing inward.

  10. Then start winding the paper from end to end.

You can make thicker or thinner threads, it will depend on the thickness of each strip you are going to screw. Try to make all black and white threads leave the color inside.

It is very simple, little material, a few steps and a lot of thread to work on.

wire with newspaper1

It is not an excessively strong yarn but knitting it with strength can be worked out durable objects like a carpet.

How to make yarn with any paper.

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