How to make your own lamp with tin rings

Do you want to change the decoration of your home, but you don’t know where to start? Learn how to make your own lamp with the rings from the cans.

The piece serves to brighten up any corner and give your home a new, more durable look, not to mention the merit of being made by you.


can ring the lamp 1

The idea came from American designer Sean Michael Ragan, who started recycling with the rings of aluminum cans.

can ring lamp 2

We will need a light base, some tin rings and some wire cutters. First, try to clean all the rings to be used with detergent and let them dry.

lamp with box rings 4

With the rings clean, start by folding one by one in half so that they can be hung on one of the bases of the fixture. It is recommended to start from the top.

lamp with box rings 5

Make the following rows with the rings unfolded, but you will need a cut from one side of the gasket to be interchangeably mounted to the one they are already attached to.

can ring lamp 6

Repeat the process until the entire base is covered by the rings.

lamp with box rings 7

Then use a piece of wire to close the bar inside.

lamp with box rings 8

For those who want to make a colorful lamp, you can choose the rings from different boxes.

lamp with box rings 9

Choose your colors and enjoy! Of course, do not use a bulb that is too powerful, as the heat absorbed by the aluminum can accidentally burn.

lamp with box rings 10

Here you have a video of the process in case that would be more comfortable for you: