Many times we suffer inconvenience when the door to our house is accidentally closed in the middle of the night and we can’t call a locksmith to come and help us out or we just don’t have the money we need. the professional charges. In these cases, it is best to know how to open a lock that helps us get into the house. You will need a little patience to achieve this, but if you follow these steps, you will surely succeed.

steps to open a lock

Operation of a lock

Before you begin, it’s important that you understand how a lock works. It is a type of cylinder that rotates from side to side. As the door is closed, the cylinder brings out a few bolts making the cylinder does not turn. The moment you put a key inside, he turns the cylinder and the bolts disappear, thus successfully opening the door.

Tool for opening a lock

To open a lock, you will need tools such as a tension wrench or a torque wrench. They are a device type this will help you put pressure on the lock cylinder. Once you have these tools, what you will need to do is place the tension wrench at the bottom of the keyhole itself.

Determine unlocking

When you have the tension tool placed on that side, then what you need to do is think for a moment that the cylinder needs to turn to unlock. In other words, where you turn when you put the key inside. If you do not know which way it is, it is better to tighten the cylinder to the right or to the left. You will see the cylinder spin for a few seconds before stopping again. If you do it the wrong way round, you will immediately notice how the cylinder remains rigid and does not allow movement.

Apply some force to tension wrench towards the direction in which the cylinder should open and hold it there. Once done, insert the opening pick inside through the keyhole.
With the opening pick, you will begin to individually feel the pressure of the bolts inside. Your goal will be to push each of the bolts upwards.
open a lock

In search of the exact point

When you are push the bolts you will notice that there is pressure to drop. You have to push until the pressure is enough so that it does not decrease. The objective is to get the top bolt out of the cylinder which you will get by pushing upwards. The tension wrench should remain in place at all times and the selection action should be repeated for all bolts.

By the time the bolts have given way, the cylinder should be able to turn in the correct direction and the door will be open.