In DIY 10 we want to talk now how to organize drawers and, more specifically, the ones we have in our room. That they are those of the chest of drawers, and intended for clothes, like those that we can have on our bedside table. The better everything is placed, the easier it will be to use.

How to organize bedroom drawers

Organizing and ordering drawers can be a bit tricky if we’re not used to it. Also, many times we make the mistake of not putting what we really have to spare. So when we open, we find everything. To solve it, we tell you how to organize the drawers in the bedroom.


And no, we won’t stay in it how to organize the drawers in the bedroom containing clothing. We’ll also help you make your table drawers the closest thing to a puzzle, Tetris, or whatever perfectly placed item that comes to your mind.

Bedside table drawer organization


Bedside tables are the small tables that are usually placed next to the bed, and on both sides if it is a shared bed. This piece of furniture usually always comes with two or three drawers which end up being a disaster drawer in which to store everything from jewelry to cash, chargers to underwear. If you know how to organize bedside table drawers, everything will be easier.

how to organize the drawers in the bedroom

The first thing we have to do, before organize the drawers of the bedside tableIt will be a matter of emptying them all and seeing what we had saved so far. We may realize that we have things like papers, books, or clothes that we don’t use and that we accumulate nonsense. The first cleanup will already involve an organization before the organization.

It is important that we make a list or select things we may need at night, or things we want to keep personally. So when we start to place definitively, we won’t forget anything.

The easiest way to organize a bedside table, East introduce storage elements inside. Since baskets, at dividers, passing through plastic boxesEverything is done so that everything is in its place and within reach. But what can we store in the drawers on the bedside table?

As a trick, use the fabric or paper baskets to store the most delicate items. We’re talking about scarves, sunglasses, bracelets, or whatever is susceptible to breakage.

For example, we can use one of the drawers to store a jewelry box inside, our watches, the mobile charger, the iPad, etc … Things that are ours and we don’t want anyone to touch them.

On the other hand, we can take advantage of another of the drawers to store a few pills that you should drink before going to bed. Even in case we felt bad in the middle of the night, a thermometer take our temperature. And if we’re talking about clothes, it’s better to put away in those drawers small clothing or accessories for personal use.

And why not a shoe drawer in bedroom? You can put on the shoes you use the most and have them on hand.

Either way, there is a wide variety of things we can keep in the bedroom drawers. From newspapers to correspondence, including a toiletry bag, underwear, magazines, watches or cell phones, etc. The important thing is that each the drawer is well organized and things are not mixed up.

It is also not necessary that we have the very, very full drawers because that will be when we accumulate things that we do not need and we will have to repeat the process of organizing the drawers of the table.

Organize clothes drawers


On the other hand, in the bedroom there are also drawers that contain clothes, either those from the chest of drawers, or those that can be in the closet.

Again, the first thing you will need to do This will be to empty them so you know what clothes you have inside. This is important because sometimes due to fatigue or speed we may have put clothes away in a drawer when they should be in the closet.

may be the clothes that will fit best in the dresser or closet drawers will be those that take up the least space and this allows to bend easily.

Another easy way to start organizing bedroom drawers is make your own dividers. How? ‘Or’ What? With cardboard, scissors and a tape measure to perfectly fit the panels in the available space. It’ll take you five minutes and keep your drawer organized for years.

In this way, it is convenient to fill the drawers with underwear, socks, t-shirts and, perhaps, accessories such as handkerchiefs, ties or even clothes. jewelry and watches that we want to keep private. Also, if in our drawers something else is suitable for clothes gross, we can also choose to place jerseys and even other pants, such as summer shorts or swimwear.

On another side, when storing bras, Remember to store them with the straps gathered in the cup so as not to wind them with the others. If you can, separate them one at a time to keep them handy and place the ones you use most often in front of them.

clothes drawers

The ideal is to keep in the drawers of the wardrobes these clothes which can be folded, and which take up too much space to put them away on a bedside table, for example. sweaters, t-shirts, pants, etc.

To have the drawers well organized, you need assign each of them a type of clothing. If you have too many clothes, you can use several drawers, but don’t mix different types. One trick you can use is to grab a vertical fabric shoe rack and place it horizontally in the drawer. Ideal for t-shirts, underwear or accessories.

There are other clothes that are also kept in closets, but not in drawers. As we tell you, reserve the drawers for the items you usually fold, and leave the hangers for other types of clothing, such as jackets, coats, raincoats or shirts.

In the case of T-shirts, they are worth folding and placing them vertically this as it has been done throughout life, horizontally. So not only are you optimizing the space, but you will have your entire shirt collection in sight and you will not always wear the same one, as it usually ends up happening.

Having the drawers well organized not only helps us to be more organized with ourselves, but it also avoids the typical situations in which we go crazy looking for an item of clothing.

Mistakes when organizing drawers in the bedroom

messy drawers

From the recommendations we made earlier, you can already deduce the mistakes not to make when organizing drawers, both the bedside table and the wardrobes. Anyway, let’s take a review and see what you should NOT be doing.

  • Organized disorder – There are a lot of people who say “I got it messy, but I know where things are”. Lie, then they go crazy looking for them. So everything in its place and easier to find.
  • Not very careful – We assure you that if you stop putting jerseys and t-shirts like a bullet in drawers and fold them well, not only will they stop having those horrible creases, but you will have more space in the drawers. drawers. It’s your clothes and your stuff, do whatever you want.

  • Leave it for another day – In the end, we leave everything for tomorrow, which is equivalent to forever. Organizing the drawers in the bedroom is something that will only take you very little time, you can do it in a simple afternoon or morning that you have free. The more organized it is, the less you will have to go through this process.
  • Disorder calls for disorder – If you get used to having drawers cluttered and poorly organized, then it will be more difficult for you to get used to being organized. Also, the more clutter there is, the more likely it is that the clutter will grow much faster.

If you avoid making these mistakes, you won’t waste time digging through your drawers to find the garment or item you’re looking for.

Video showing how to organize drawers

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