There are still those who have not started enjoying their vacation, so if you are one of them and are waiting to organize the move to disconnect for a few long days, pay attention to this article. .

moving vacation

There are many ways to travel, as many as there are destinations, but we all agree that we need to take personal items with us to truly enjoy our destination. So far we are all in agreement but when we “want take the house with you“On vacation like a hermit crab, the complications begin.

If, in addition to carrying a suitcase with your personal belongings, you feel that you have a lot more essentials that you cannot leave at home and that they do not fit in the car anymore, one of the options the most sensible and plausible is to use one. moving company.

Sometimes we have the misconception that a moving company is only hired when we move, the reality is that it is also a good idea for small moves that are done in the summer during vacations.


Tips for organizing a vacation move

Choose professionals

The good is paid, but we are satisfied.

The first recommendation I’m going to give you is that you hire a business of professionals that you have references, either from people you meet, or from actual experiences that you can meet on the Internet.

This is essential because of the treatment they will give to your goods, the assurance that they will meet the delivery times that you will have specified with them and the economic cost.

You can really find a good moving company in Marbella, Madrid, Ciudad Real… in any town and city it is easy to find a company that can help you start your vacation with everything you need by your side.

Specify with the company

Delivery delay: While the weather is normally very important, on vacation it is essential. The commitment to deliver one day is not the same as to deliver three days later, so be very clear.

Previous and closed budget: So that you can study different budgets and the different coverages of each, we recommend that you request a budget from more than one company. The cost can vary depending on the distance, the type of vehicle they need to make the move and the specifics of each of the companies, so it is important that you ask and investigate.

Once you find the business you are interested in, close a budget with them and it cannot change after delivery. This way you can be more calm and secure.

moving company

Insurance: Educate yourself and demand insurance on your belongings so that there is no panic after the move. Unpack and check that everything is in order before they leave.

When to move

Being a vacation move, the ideal is that you can leave prepare everything little by little. It will depend on how you manage and how many things you want to pack, but if a trip normally can cause some nerves or expectations in travelers, what won’t produce a trip and a move at the same? time?

For this reason, the ideal is that you go pack what you already know you are not going to use until the holidays and place all the boxes in a specific area of ​​the house, where you don’t mind but you have everything well located. Register in each of the boxes which is stored inside as if it is fragile or not, so that the transport and the time of unpacking are also comfortable.

For the most fragile things or if you have to move furniture, don’t limit your budget Packing material because it is important that the doors, the corners of the furniture and all the characteristic details are well covered. If you see that this is difficult for you to do due to lack of time or experience, there are moving companies that can take care of this as well.

Finally, with this move, we expect that we can enjoy the holidays in a more intense way, really disconnect and then come back forcefully to the routine. So if a moving company can offer you the opportunity to prepare and relax on your vacation, why not invest in it?