On previous occasions we have told you about both your kitchens and the positive aspects of recycling, both for the environment and for those who like to create things with their own hands, because there are a lot of articles that can have a second life. On this occasion, we are going to give a nod to the organization of the kitchen with items that can be comfortable and practical so that you can recycle them more comfortably. We will then give you an answer to the question, How to organize your kitchen to recycle it comfortably ?.


Keeping your kitchen tidy is essential. Order is essential for maintaining kitchen utensils and organized food products for efficient cooking. But it’s also important that this organization takes the environment into account because in fact we have many elements which will help us to recycle without problem and also to organize the washing machine.

Brico: What items can you reuse at home?

On these issues, I can tell you about my experience with ease, as I am one of those who accepts recycling as a part of itself and as an opportunity to breathe new life into certain items.

In this sense, in order for everything to be organized and to be able to cook comfortably, we must have all the items at hand. Ideally, what we need to do is organize our articles into groups. You can choose to separate your food products into different kitchen utensils which we can also recycle, such as:

  • The glass jars They can be your own containers for comfortably storing soups and creams in the fridge, but they can also become great decorative items such as vases or candle holders.
  • The aluminum cans or cans take a little more work to get a good decorative finish, but they can also be very original candle holders with patterns that you can create yourself by making holes in their surface.
  • Boxes Wooden crates can be made into impressive shelves with different finishes, which you can place anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the entrance, it all depends on the style you trust.
  • Plastic bottles: Plastic containers can also become a very useful item in the kitchen as they can be a surface on which you can place all your spice jars and have them all together, a container where you can place your jars etc.

These are some of the items we usually reuse at home to give it new life and get the most out of it. Obviously, you can’t keep everything and you have to recycle to give it another life elsewhere. Therefore, now we are going to talk about how you can comfortably recycle at home, without any excuses or arbitrary reasons for not being able to do it.

Organize your kitchen for convenient recycling

One of the big disadvantages that are generally very present in terms of recycling at home is space, because you have to have a defined place for each type of waste: organic, plastic, paper and glass. But what if I showed you trash cans that don’t get in the way and allow you to do all that filing comfortably?

One of the trends that started a few years ago and has continued to prevail in the decoration of kitchens are trash cans which are kept inside cabinets or inside a drawer.

A sensational way to always have a clean kitchen and hidden the trash cans but, in addition, there is also the possibility of being able to extract this trash for the reason you need it: remove and change the trash bag, take it to a specific area of ​​the house, etc.

There are many models that can be interesting and that we will show you below, these are from Reception in order. This is an online store where you can find more bins and accessories to organize the interior of the cabinets, as well as other accessories for different parts of the house such as the bathroom, the dressing room , etc.

16 liter waste bin


The first model that we present to you is a rectangular trash can removable and has a capacity of 16 liters. This cube has a handle so that it is much easier for you to remove it from the cupboard it is in and to facilitate its transfer as its own cleaning.

A fact that can be very interesting is that the cover opens automatically to make it much easier to use.

Double recycling bin


So that you can do the recycling of your thing much easier and more conveniently, you can bet on this double 14 liter bucket each, removable and inserted inside the cabinet.

This type of cube allows you recycle two materials in an organized way: you can bio and plastic, or paper or glass. These are usually great when you’re starting to recycle and you’re still not used to them, so when you go to throw out your trash you’ll remember you need to separate it.

Recycling bin in the drawer

recycling bin

In our old office we had this four bin system and it turned out to be a complete success. A simple way to collect everything and that the waste is nowhere, that everyone is responsible for their own recycling and have a perfectly collected small kitchen.

A point in favor of these cubes is that it has stickers so you know where to put each of your waste: organic, paper, glass or plastic.

In addition, the tray where the cubes will be located It is perfectly customizable, because you can remember it and adapt it to both the width and the bottom of the drawer, so that they do not move and it is easy to open or close the drawer normally.

Round trash can

stainless steel-round-bin

Those of you who have already perfected your recycling system and only need a trash can, here I bring you a round trash can from stainless steel that is in the door of a closet.

Automatically opens every time you open the cupboard, which will be very convenient whenever you need to throw something away.

Ideas to organize your kitchen and be able to recycle comfortably

To the above, and to those recycling bin models that we just saw, with which you can recycle properly, we also want to add these other ideas with which to always keep the kitchen well organized, but also try to recycle as much as possible. and in a comfortable.

In particular, we will see how to store our food products separately from kitchen utensils.

First, we’ll go through the different things you can use to store and keep your food items organized.

Use pots of different sizes

We have already talked about all the containers we can use or recommend so that we can organize the kitchen well, but Once you have chosen, for example, which glass jars you are going to reuse, you can select and order them according to the size, be able to use large, medium or small jars depending on the amount of food to be stored.

This way, if you are buying glass or plastic food items, don’t throw them away. You can save them and reuse them later to store other foods. Use the larger pots for flour, rice, sugar, or pasta. The smaller ones work great for spices and seeds.

You can also think of en decorate your jars. A nice idea is to use markers or label the contents of each jar. You can draw a small picture with chalk and write “sugar” or “black pepper”. Then you can arrange in order on a shelf by groups or their function. By doing this, you will always have them where you need them when you cook.

Drawers and baskets

Fruit boxes or wicker baskets can also be your ideal kitchen organization options. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can place them anywhere you want. Fill them with fruits, vegetables, cans or other items. If you have spacious pantries, you can even fit these drawers or baskets into them.

Kitchen cabinets to keep your items organized

In addition to your food items, you probably need a place to store your utensils and kitchen items. So we have also prepared some practical ideas for ideal kitchen cabinets.

Install hooks to hang items

You can install a row of hooks inside your closet doors that you can, for example, reuse old spoons. This way you can hang coffee cups, ladles or spatulas. With the hooks, you can save space and efficiently store and organize your items.

Small racks or door shelves

In addition to the hooks, you can incorporate a few small racks inside your cabinet door. An organizer will allow you to keep and organize small bottles of spices, your favorite mugs, or whatever else you need to store. For this type of organizers, you can reuse, for example, pieces of wood from any old furniture.

Sliding drawer cabinets

You can find a wide variety of cabinets specially designed for kitchens. Some have sliding drawers which contain everything you need. The drawers make it easy to grab hard-to-find items and clean them easily. These types of cabinets are even more practical than normal cabinets. And if you want to do it in a recycled way, there is nothing like trying it for example, with a few pallets.

Use a wood knife on your counter

Another practical idea for your kitchen is to use a knife slot on your countertop. You can use it specifically for storing knives of different sizes. By storing them in their locations, you can protect them and have them on hand at all times. In the case of wanting to do it with a recycling idea, we recommend cut a piece of wood on which you will need to create slits to insert each knife.

Trolleys with wheels and shelves

The small carts on wheels also help keep things organized. You can use them to store a number of food items or objects that you use frequently. Plus, if you have a pantry at home, you can store the cart there when you don’t need it and save space to move around the kitchen more freely. You can try reusing an old basket, or you can also make one out of pallets.