How long does it take to pack a suitcase? The time it takes to pack a suitcase. Today we will teach you how to pack a suitcase quickly and easily. Now, that doesn’t mean that sometimes it takes several days to complete it, and other times you complete it in 5 minutes. Circumstances are what governs the world of suitcases.

How to pack a summer dog suitcase

Either way, it never hurts to know how to pack a suitcase quickly and easily. In terms of efficiency, you have to be very meticulous to get everything you need. And, above all, to avoid problems such as excess weight in your suitcase when traveling, or that of space when traveling by car.

How to pack a suitcase fast and easy step by step

Before you learn how to pack a suitcase quickly and easily step by step, you must have several clear points. The first, and most important, in a suitcase you need to put the necessary and indispensable. If you travel two days and pack five suitcases, you are not efficient.

The second point you need to be clear on is that whatever you do, you will always forget something. It is an unwritten law. Don’t blame yourself. In fact, one study concluded that the toothbrush and toothpaste are the most overlooked items when packing, along with the charger.

How to pack a summer suitcase

That said, if you know how to organize yourself and we are going to teach you, you should never forget anything again. Also, when you finish the item, you will know how to pack a suitcase quickly and easily step by step in less than five minutes.


The element that gives us the most headaches. Their size and poor adaptability make them a nightmare for the suitcase. To get started, take advantage of your internal space and tuck your socks and briefs inside of your shoes. Rolled up, of course. In addition, if you place them with the sole on the sides of the suitcase, you will have more space. Who says shoes have to be glued to each other? Are you going to be confused as a couple?

How to pack a suitcase by placing the summer


It sounds silly, but benders of the Teletienda they are highly recommended. They leave all the clothes folded to the minimum of expression and they greatly facilitate the preparation of your suitcase. If you’ve already folded it in the closet, you’ll save time and energy. If you make a schedule with the clothes you will need, you may not be overweight at the airport as it will cost you a dime.

How to prepare a summer suitcase for a girl


Are you afraid that colognes, soaps or whatever liquid you are carrying has been spilled? Open the jars, put some transparent paper on the lid and close them. Surely this way, they will not leave and you will have a pleasant and pleasant arrival at your destination. If you still want more security, all you have to do is put the jars in an airtight, secure bag.

How to pack a summer bikini suitcase


If you tend to go on a trip in a hurry, one option is always leave a suitcase half-prepared. That is to say: underwear, socks, a toiletry bag, pants, a shirt and a few shirts. If you have to run away, all you have to do is grab it and you’re already dumb. Take advantage of the pockets to store your underwear or your toiletry bag. The logical thing is that the thickness of the suitcase is for clothes, charger, electronic devices …


The cables are as essential as criminals. There is no trip where they don’t ruin their clothes or themselves. One option to keep them safe is to save them in glasses cases, you will therefore have located them and protected from tangles. It is also advisable adaptable charger to multiple devices, you will save space and avoid being wired during the entire trip.

How to pack a summer hipster suitcase


The big question. How do I keep the costume from wrinkling? To begin, turn the jacket over and fold it carefully. This way you are already reducing wrinkles by 90%. In reference to shirt and the trousers, you must also fold them with care and affection, placing them on all clothes. That way, they won’t have any weight on them and they’ll stay wrinkle-free. Almost.

Tips for packing a suitcase

And once you know how to pack a suitcase, we will give you tips for packing a suitcase. A thousand-year-old wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation, in order to make the most pleasant journeys for future generations. In this case, we.

make a list

Don’t you want to forget anything? make a list. Start doing this a few days before the trip and if you miss something you will have time to get it.

How to pack a summer suitcase in Paris


The fortune you left behind must be of some use Tetris it’s been years. Now is the time to apply the logic to cover all the spaces of the suitcase. Hollow you see, garment you put on. Plus, it won’t go away when you do a full row.

Wear what occupies the most

It makes sense, but for the trip it is necessary to wear what is bulkier. Knitted jackets, anoraks, boots or sweaters are generally common. It will be uncomfortable, but it will give you more space in the suitcase.

How to pack a summer Converse suitcase

Empty bags

For dirty clothes, for shoes, for anything, you can always give them a usor. You will see. Even if you feel dizzy during the trip …

Documentation at your fingertips

For safety, caution and prevention, documentation must always accompany you. Do not leave anything personal in the suitcase and, even if it is heavy, carry it throughout the trip. You never know what they can do with your documentation no matter how safe you are.

How to prepare a summer passport suitcase

Life lock

If you don’t want to spend the whole trip waiting for your suitcase, buy yourselfn padlock and place it on the zipper. It always helps. If they steal from you, they’ll do the same, but at least they’ll have to work on opening the suitcase. It’s something.

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