Do you have an old closet? Have you seen a closet that you love but costs too much? Do you want to change your room? Paint your closet This is the change you need Without a doubt, painting furniture is something that seems relatively simple, but maybe many of you don’t know how you should prepare to do it in the case of cabinetry. , this is why at DIY 10 we advise you to bet on giving it a new “look” To your wardrobes this summer and therefore we are giving you the steps to follow to know how to paint a closet.

how to paint a closet

How to paint a closet


Although there are many types of cabinetry, the vast majority of them can be made of materials such as wood or melamine and that over the years it can deteriorate to the point of needing us to repair them and for that we have to paint them. We might be a little sad to paint this piece of furniture that we loved so much, but hey, you can always repaint it the same color.

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Even today, and with the crisis, many people choose to reform and repair their old furniture, before throwing it away and spending money on new ones. As long as we can enjoy our “old” wardrobe, we don’t have to spend extra money. In addition with a “little hand” of paint we will notice that they look completely new. And another advantage, it turns out that now the old one is no longer old, but is “oldie” or “vintage”. Indeed, the old is still in fashion and what was once a simple old wardrobe, with a few small tweaks and a coat of paint can become an ode to good taste.

How to prepare our wardrobe before painting it?

Painting a closet isn’t the most complicated task in the world, but if you want the process to go really well, there are a number of factors that you need to consider first.

Cabinets are really like any other wooden furniture when painting so before painting them we will have to make sure that they are perfectly clean and free of impurities that come out once we start painting.

For this we must first to find out if we can remove the closet doors to be able to work better with them individually. In the same way that we can choose to remove the shelves, shelves or drawers that are inside the cupboard if this is the case.

Once the cupboard is “taken down” or what we can do in this section, all surfaces will have to be sanded to make it as smooth as possible and in this way to avoid that later the painting is not well fixed or does not stay as expected. Be careful when sanding and don’t overdo it, the idea is to do it gently to remove all those edges, chips, impurities or irregularities that the wood has on its surface, but if you go sanding it is possible that you made a small “hole” in wood.

Once we have the whole closet, with doors, shelves and drawers, completely smooth, it will be time to start painting and for this, it is recommended to choose a similar tone or color to the original, otherwise we may make a white or light-colored cabinet not look good if a dark color stands out below.

For it after sanding, it will be time to apply a paint it can be white and this serves that later we can fix the paint of the desired color.

How to paint the closet? Step by step

To start painting the closet, we must keep in mind that we will need different types of brushes.

  • For doors and more open areas we will need a greasy brush and for the hinges and elements that we may want in other color or tone, we should choose one brush a little smaller.

may be you will need to apply more than one coat of paint once you start painting and for that it is best to wait between coats until the paint is dry because you run the risk that it will not be as expected.

On another side, some cabinets need a coat of paint before being painted the desired color base (in some cases of melamine it will even be necessary to apply a primer) that helps us to unify the entire tone of the wardrobe and finish correcting any imperfections it may have.

Remember that before you finish you must make sure the paint and color in the closet is completely dry and ventilateds, so that the clothes can be hung up again and without problems.

Mistakes to Avoid When Painting a Closetpaint cabinet

  • One of the big drawbacks that comes with painting a closet is that you often do not prepare the wood well. We have already discussed how this is done, but you have to keep in mind that if you do not prepare it, you will not be able to have a perfect finish, especially if you are looking for one. lacquered and smooth finish of the same.
  • In the event that the furniture is previously painted or varnished, the best thing to do is to delete everything that is old. Here we put a lot of emphasis on the old or damaged varnish because if it is not removed there is a risk that when the new layer of paint goes over the cabinet it will start to peel off the old layers. .
  • When the closet is in raw wood or natural wood, You must first run a little sandpaper to remove any “hairs” or chips that may be there as this is a completely new material. Use a sponge if you don’t want the sandpaper to damage the furniture. When you are done sanding, wipe off the dust with a rag before you start painting.
  • If you don’t use one sealer base or the like, you will not get the paint to be really absorbed into the wood. This is one of the biggest mistakes made. What the base of the sealer will do is make the paint stick much better and therefore not come off at any time. There are currently some paints that already have a sealant included in their components, so you should observe and find out in advance whether this is the case or to paint a closet
  • Another very common mistake that you come across is the fact that do not sand between coats of paint. When we paint a closet, we do not apply a single coat of paint but we have to apply several coats to achieve the desired effect. This means that if one does not sand between one layer and another, for example some bristles of the brush can be installed in the wood and therefore it appears as an imperfection in the following layers and it is no longer possible to remove them. It is best to rotate your hand in circles on the surface to know if it is ready to apply a new coat of paint.
  • Finally, a very common mistake is not being patient and therefore not respecting the paint drying times to give the new coat of paint and prepare the cabinet for use.

We assure you that if you don’t make these mistakes, due to lack of patience or experience in interior design, you will have a long way to go when it comes to painting the cabinets in your home.

Other recommendations

There are also other factors that you need to consider that don’t have to do with the closet itself, but rather with cleaning and protecting the rest of the furniture and yourself.

So before painting, especially if you are not a handyman, it would be interesting to cover the floor, nearby furniture and, in general, the area close to where you are going to paint with plastic. While we are not going to paint some walls and it is something simpler, so to speak, there are also a series of precautions you should follow if you do not want a brushstroke or a trip with the paint to be able to causing you a mess.

The same could be said for yourself. If you don’t want something to happen to your floor, walls, or the rest of your furniture, you don’t want to be the one who finishes painting up to your ears. So protect yourself with good gloves and don’t wear your Sunday clothes, on the contrary, any old rag or outerwear of the ones you use to walk around the house is the best option. When going to sand, it is highly recommended, especially if you are using an electric sander, to wear eye protection, in case any particles of wood get into your eyes.

And there is not much to say, the main thing that we have already told you in the rest of the article.

Video: Painting wooden surfaces

In this video, they show us how to paint and repaint wood surfaces, which can be very useful when painting our cabinets because in most cases they are made of this material.


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