Decorating our home no longer necessarily equates to buy expensive furniture or contact an expert to advise us. With very few materials and a small investment of time, we can fill our home with beautiful and personal decorative objects. This time we show you how to paint glass bottles.

How to paint glass bottles

If you want to give your home decor a new touch but don’t want to spend a lot of money or just want it to be something more personal, painting glass bottles is an easy alternative and also, ecological.

Of all the materials we consume, glass is the least polluting and the one that can be most easily recycled. Decorating bottles can be another way to extend their life as we transform our home by filling it with creativity and color.


How to paint glass bottles – materials

The first thing we will need are glass bottles. You can use different sizes depending on the use or destination you want to give them. Wine bottles, beer bottles, or even jars are perfect candidates for you to use your artistic skills.

Once we have the bottles, we go to the board. It will also vary depending on the final space we want to place the glass bottles in.

On the one hand, we have the latex paints, which thanks to their great flexibility have become the most suitable option if our intention is to place the bottles outside our house, for example on the terrace. This type of paint is very resistant to temperature changes keeping its appearance in perfect condition, without cracks.

On the other hand, we find oil paintings, which are the paints that we will use when the glass bottles are intended for the interior of the house. These paints are less resistant to temperature changes, due to the plastic they contain and which can expand when heated.

how to paint glass bottles latex materials

How to paint glass bottles – step by step

Painting glass bottles is very easy since we have total freedom to decorate them. It doesn’t take a lot of thought, you can start with something simple or risk it with the first thing that comes to mind. Here we explain how to do it step by step.

The first thing we need to do before we start painting our glass bottles is clean the bottle to remove any residue may contain dust, dirt or grease. It is advisable to rinse the inside and outside of the bottle well with soap and water and let it dry so that the paint can set well later.

Make sure to wear old or inexpensive clothes, as there is always a risk of accidental paint splashes or stains. It is never too late to go back to childhood and discover the pleasure of dyeing your hands while experimenting with art. If you prefer, you can wear latex gloves or someone else similar material in case of allergy to these.

There are different techniques for painting glass bottles.

  • One of them is very quick and easy to do. Consists of pour the paint of the color we have chosen into the bottle. A very homogeneous result is thus obtained. If we want to add details to the contrast or create differentiated planes, we can add letters or a symbol on the outside of the bottle. This way the design will have greater depth and originality.
  • To introduce the paint into the glass bottle, we can serve us a syringe. We will fill it with the paint color we like the most and put it in the bottle. To avoid open areas and for the paint to expand well, it is convenient to rotate the bottle so that it is better distributed in each area.
  • Once we’ve finished painting it, we will put the bottle in the oven and we will leave it for about 40 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.
  • Another option is that once you have filled all the bottles, you can leave them upside down in a dry place for two days. After 48 hours you will see that the color has dried inside the bottle and you can now use it as a centerpiece, with some flowers or just, as a beautiful decorative element with other bottles that you have painted from. the same way.

Painting the bottles outside

Another technique to paint our the glass bottles is to decorate them outside.

  • Of New, we will choose the color that we want to use and with the help of a brush we will paint the entire outside of the bottle. As a guide, it is preferable to use bright colors that better cover the glass.
  • Once we have finished decorating the glass bottle, also with this technique, we will introduce it to the oven for a few 40 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.
  • Once the paint is dry, we can apply a coat of varnish. With this you get a brighter look This will make our bottle like new.


Paint glass bottles with masking tape

The third technique we found for painting glass bottles is a lot more fun and original, with a very impressive and visual end result. Consists of use masking tape or the like to create different shapes, such as lines or geometric figures.

  • One possibility that we suggest is to place horizontal strip tape leaving a distance between each piece. You can start by leaving a few centimeters between the pieces of the lower part and decrease the distance by raising the bottle. In the exposed areas we will apply our paint.
  • Once we finish painting the bottle, we will need to let the paint dry for an hour more or less, before you can remove the pieces of tape. Otherwise, we run the risk of picking up the paint when we throw it away.

How to paint glass bottles: ideas

Now that we have explained the basic technique and the different options to you, you might like to know how to make your colored glass bottles and vases even more beautiful. A first option you have is mix different colors to obtain speckled tones of great effect.

When you prepare the color, you can add and even mix some glitter – It’s a perfect gift idea. You can wear red with gold glitter or blue with silver glitter. Then some flowers in the bottle and you will have a pretty centerpiece.

Paint blue bottles

If you want a special design to stay on your bottle, when you color it on the outside, you can continue with the idea we saw earlier of sticking on masking tape, or You can also apply a strip of duct tape around the bottle. After painting the container and after the color has dried, remove the tape. A transparent part or a different color will remain if you also painted the interior.

If you want to read, download the desired images from the Internet and print them. Be careful that the designs are not too elaborate. For example, pYou can sprinkle the surface of the dye bottle with leaves, hearts or stars. Apply them with double-sided tape, brush the color onto the outer surface of the container and let dry.

When the dye is dry, remove the paper applications and the decorative pattern will remain. If you are feeling particularly skilled, you can buy markers to paint on glass and draw something nice with them on your bottle.

Another idea that comes to my mind is paint the bottle white and let it dry. Once the paint is dry, we take a brush, dip it in a good amount of paint of a color we like, and We paint the top of the bottle, letting it drip a little on the white paint.

On the other hand, you can also dip the bottom of the bottle in the paint of the color you like, so that the top and bottom are well soaked in this color and the rest will be white.

Another idea is to paint the bottles in a soft color, or a pastel color, and when it has dried, we add a few letters or initials, in a more striking color or just black. This way we can make our bottles look beautiful and it will also be an original gift that you can give to someone special.

For a simple idea, which can even be done by children at home, just take black paint, or a glass marker of that color, and have the child paint black polka dots on glass. This way you can have a nice painted glass bottle with black dots to use, for example, to package the milk inside.

Painting glass bottles with sand

Another very interesting and fun technique for coloring glass bottles and jars is to use sand. It is a technique widely used because it makes the objects particularly unique. The way to do it is color the sand by adding colored chalk powder or using cosmetic leftovers such as blush and eye shadow. So the first thing to do is Mix the, obtaining brightly colored pigments in vivid hues, and then placing them inside bottles and jars. Once the color mixture is introduced inside, proceed to the exterior decoration. You can give free rein to your imagination and make decorations to taste and color them by creating ethnic patterns.

Bottles of paint wire

Painting glass bottles with colored thread

An equally beautiful way to color glass bottles and jars is with colored yarn. If you only have the white thread, you can decide to color the last one by passing a layer of enamel or acrylic. To color, you have to wrap the bottles and jars with thread, to cover everything, up to the neck. Finally, glue the end of the wire, securing it to the base and bottom of the object to be colored. After that, you can move on to the final decorations, as you wish.

And it’s as simple as decorating our glass bottles to give an original touch to our interior. There are other techniques that we can use such as the use of sprays or other materials that we have at home, such as nail polish. The more you practice, the more original and unique your creations will be. You can already start to show yourself your decoration.

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