Believe it or not it is more fashionable than ever and in most of the newly built homes they have floating floors and it is appreciated for its comfort, warmth and simplicity. That way, if you’ve seen them before at someone’s house, or at a store display, you may be curious to see if you’re able to do it yourself; something which, although laborious, is not at all impossible. Today at Bricolaje10 we will teach you how to place a floating platform on our ground.

laminate flooring square

What is a floating platform

what-is-the-floating floor

The type of parquet is known as laminate flooring, which unlike traditional wood strips, it is not glued and it is not nailed either so that you really feel like you’re floating lightly in the air even if it’s not at all that. This, yes, requires good placement so that it is durable, but with its simplicity of installation and above all, with the fact that it does not need to be fixed or nailed, this will allow us to save a lot on installation costs.

Despite the name of “floating platform” It is not necessary to consider that it literally floats, but that between the ground and the platform there is a space or different layers. So that you understand it a little better, we can compare it to a puzzle in which the pieces are connected to each other but not to the table on which we put it together. The puzzle’s own weight is what holds it in place, thanks to the frictional contact between it and the table, as well as the side-by-side attachment of the individual pieces.

Without a doubt, deciding to place laminate flooring in the home can be something that we approach as a good stack of benefits.

Benefits of laminate flooring

  • It is not easily damaged even during assembly.
  • It expands and contracts at the same time as if it were one piece. This means that in the floating floors, there will be no holes or cracks, when cold or heat come.
  • Warm to the touch, as it is isolated from the cold ground.
  • You have a wide variety of materials available for floating floors.
  • Economical, so if you want to renovate your home’s floor, you won’t go broke trying.

What you should know before placing laminate flooring on our floor


Floating floor material

You must know in which room you are going to place the floating floors, because even if they are made of resistant material, there is laminate flooring that last longer and better withstand the footsteps and all the comings and goings of passing people.

Laminate flooring is generally made of a material that is synthetic and whose main characteristic is that it does not have to be glued or nailed to the basement or to any other support. In fact, the boards that form this type of floor are assembled to each other by a “click” or a tongue and groove, which facilitates their installation and also allows us to save installation time, in addition to avoid us the disadvantages of having to work from home, as is the case with conventional tiled floors.

On the other hand, when you lay laminate flooring, you will also save installation time and of course, economically.

In addition to the sheets, we need:


  • Hammer
  • Martyr: a kind of rubber brick, which will be the one that will take the blows of the hammer, when you install the sheets.
  • Chain saw. To make you feel more secure there is electric saws that prevent cuts.
  • Spacer wedge.
  • Insulating sheets.
  • Jimmy.
  • Cutter

Ground level

If you have any irregularity, it should be corrected before placement, even the insulating material or irregularities will be more noticeable, in the end result and the sheets will not be placed well, as they need a completely flat surface .

What should we take into account when laying laminate flooring?

things to keep in mind before laying laminate flooring

There are three points to consider before starting to install laminate flooring. If you make sure that all are together, you can enjoy your soil for longer.

The weight: Despite the lightness of the individual wood planks, all of them and hanging together can get quite heavy, so you need to make sure that the thickness and especially the friction (as we will see next) is adequate.

Friction: Under the sheets, a foam or cork covering is usually placed, so that we make sure that the small space between the floor and the sub-floor is properly covered. With the friction between the sheets of the ground and the moss or cork, we will avoid the movement of the same.

The Assembly: Make sure the laminate panels fit together well so they cannot come loose.

How to lay a laminate floor on our floor?

Place the insulating base

insulating floating floor

Indispensable, because on it, it will be placed the laminate floor of our apartment. We distribute evenly throughout the floor, so that it is mounted on the wall. We repair it with a little electrical tape, so that it does not move from the site.


how to place spacers for floating floors

In this way, the separation we have from the wall is the same. We need between 8 and 10 millimeters of distance so that the material of the floating floors have room to expand.

Laying laminate flooring

laminate flooring square

We cut the first piece lengthwise, which will be our guide in the laminate flooring installation. We use the wedge to help the expansion margin. We adjust the parts one by one. You will see that it is quite simple, as they hold like a puzzle, through some slits.

martyr-martyr-floating platform

Just place them next to each other and with the help of a hammer and a martyr, assemble them.

Obstacles on the laminate floor

trim-the-laminate floor

Take your measurement and draw it on one of the laminate boards. Cut it with the electric saw then insert it into the fixed obstacle. This way the platform will cross the whole room.

Finish with laminate flooring

measures-how-to-assemble-a laminate floor

With a little patience, we measure the remaining parts to be covered taking into account the measurement of the expansion. With the help of a Jimmy, you can lean it against the wall. Just place the plinths, cover the expansion gap and squeeze them well, glue it well and not see the joints.


You can see a video very explanatory here, where you can see moving how to place laminate flooring on our floor. When you are done, you will be delighted with the aesthetic result you get in a very simple process.

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