How to plant a natural pineapple, new life

Many do not know that from one pineapple we can get a plant that will hopefully give us more pineapples. The purpose of this article is to walk you through the process.

The ideal is to do it with less ripe pineapples, although with these we can also try it.

How to plant a natural pineapple.

The upper part is sliced ​​with a knife, as seen in the photo, including a few centimeters from the top of the fruit.

Steps for planting a natural pineapple

We clean the base and clean the dry leaves.

pineapple germ 2

We put it in a glass of water, leaving the base of the pineapple in the water. Change the water if you see it lousy or add more if it is lacking.

pineapple germ 3

We will put it in a place where it is bright.

About a month later, it will have started to take hold.

pineapple germ 4

It is planted in a substrate with an average humidity, 4 parts of peat and one of humus, and left in the shade. If it’s winter and it’s cold, you will have to think about placing it in a sheltered place or even in an interior with a lot of light. When the good weather arrives, he is left outside again, for the moment without sun but with a lot of light. When it begins to grow, it can be gradually placed in the sun.

We will water it abundantly. Keep the water moist and not wet.

pineapple germ 6

We leave you an illustrative video:

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