Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that is little used today. With it, we can condition and obtain domestic hot water in a sustainable way, taking advantage of the heat generated by the basement. Clean, efficient and renewable energy, which can be used both in buildings already built and in new constructions.

What is the goal?

The dandelion seeks to eliminate or minimize the costs of heating or cooling our homes in summer as well as in winter. All using renewable, free, abundant and clean energy. This energy is geothermal.

By using high performance equipment and low cost installation, homeowners can protect the environment while saving money and rejecting the most polluting conventional cooling and heating methods.

A necessary advantage. 39% of carbon emissions in the United States come from the combustion of fossil fuels in buildings.

The impact is much greater during the cold months, with heavy use of diesel and propane gas. In winter, the prices of these fuels increase considerably.

How is geothermal energy used for heating and cooling?

Using this geothermal system is cheaper and cleaner. Costs are reduced since the energy found in the land where the houses are located is used.

The cold air and the warm air are produced thanks to the temperature difference between the surface and the basement, during the summer it is colder and the winter it is warmer. This allows this energy to be used to provide the necessary cooling or heating at a lower cost.

When we need to increase the temperature in our house, a heat pump absorbs it from the ground. This pump raises the air temperature and circulates it throughout the house.

If you want cool air, the pump removes the heat from the air, redistributes it to the floor and then cools the house.


Kathy Hannun is the co-founder of Dandelion. He wanted to develop a technology that would allow families to benefit from geothermal energy. Being it is easier and cheaper than other systems.

Previously, the installation of this type of system was quite expensive and complicated. But the Dandelion team looked for a new, more accessible approach.

They have designed a fast and fine drill, which allows without too much waste to dig a hole and install the underground pipes. They do this job in just a few hours, not three or four days like before, which dramatically reduces installation costs.


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Dandelion is currently an independent company. It can provide low cost installation and high performance equipment.

It provides homeowners with technology that allows them to save money and move away from conventional polluting fossil fuels, used for heating for decades.

Geothermal energy is abundant and clean energy that helps take care of the planet.

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