One cannot prevent the appearance of spots at one time or another and even more so if the spots are rebellious, which besides appearing again and again, there is no product created on earth that exists for eliminate them. This is what happens with blood stains, which are very difficult to remove, but which are not impossible. Since we don’t want to live with traces of blood on the furniture and since we don’t want to spend a million detaching, we’ll teach you how to DIY10, different tips to know how to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet.


How to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet

We cannot let our furniture or upholstery get bloodstained, first for health reasons and second because it is unsightly. It’s the furniture in our house and we can’t let it be like this, not only because of the look it leaves, but because we don’t want to show the stains to others.


Put aside the very expensive products that are advertised on telemarkets that promise the sun and the moon and try these homemade tricks that have nothing to envy.

How to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet – bumping


It is a very effective way to remove the blood stain. We need to remove the remnants, so that the fabric does not absorb it, then with a cloth dampened with cold water, begin to pat the stain. At this point, the blood cools and since it is a protein, it solidifies. It starts to peel off.

When we see that it comes off, we repeat the same operation, but this time with cold water and detergent.

How to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet – Starch


All we need is starch powder. We take a good spoonful and mix it with water to make a paste. We throw it on the stain and rub hard. We remove and repeat the process of the pasta again, but this time we let it stand. When it has dried, there will be a crust that will have absorbed the remains of blood and with a padding brush, it can be removed.

How to remove blood stains from a chair or carpet – Physiological saline

Serum has always been good at disinfecting and cleaning wounds. You can get it from single-dose pharmacies if necessary. To remove the blood stains, all you need to do is sprinkle it on the stain of the carpet or sofa and then rub it off. We rinse the area and repeat again, but this time we remove the remains with hydrogen peroxide.

How to remove blood stains from a chair or carpet – Aspirin


Aspirin has always helped to maintain good health, to treat wounds, discomfort and also the aesthetics of our hair. Pro this time we are going to use it to remove blood stains. we just have to take a few and spray them well. We mix it with a tablespoon of water and create a paste. We pour this mixture over the blood stain and let it dry. When you’re ready to remove, just one brushing will do.

How to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet – cold water


cold water will always be an ally in removing blood stains. We pour ice water into a sprayer and pour the water on the blood stain. Then we rub with a soapy sponge and leave to act. Then we remove with plenty of cold water and the blood stain will be gone.

How to remove blood stains from a chair or carpet – distilled and oxygenated water

If you put hydrogen peroxide on a wound, it tends to foam up, as it reacts to the blood, cleansing the area and removing any leftover blood from the skin. The same goes for the upholstery of rugs and armchairs. Applying a good spray of hydrogen peroxide, let it foam and soften the blood and then you can remove it without a problem.

How to remove blood stains from a chair or carpet – enzymatic cleaners


Ideal when the stain is very dry and difficult to remove. Just add a little bit of this enzymatic cleanser and it will start to work, softening the hardest and strongest parts of the blood and making blood collection easier. This helps it come off and you can then wash the area with soap and water as usual.

How to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet – Salt Paste

Sometimes you will have found a blood stain on children’s clothes and not have any product on hand to clean them. Well now don’t worry because with a little salt you can get yourself out of trouble.

To make the salt paste, we will take a bowl or a small container and fill it with cold water, then add enough salt to make a paste. We will place this paste on the purge stain and there we will let it act for a few minutes.

Then, with a cotton cloth, we will rub gently so as not to peel the fiber. When the stain has been removed, take another damp cloth and gently rub it over the stain area.

How to remove blood stains from an armchair or carpet – water and ammonia

There are a series of products that have already been tested for their effectiveness, one of which is ammonia, which is widely used to clean carpets, upholstery and rugs. Blood is one of those substances that are difficult to eliminate but irresistible to ammonia.

Although before starting it must be said that in the carpet wool is not strongly recommended. For the rest of the fabrics:

  • We will make a mixture of cold water and ammonia, with the following proportion, a tablespoon of ammonia in half a cup of water. We will pour this mixture into a bottle with a spray diffuser. We apply to the blood stain and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Once this time has passed, clean the stain with a clean cotton cloth, trying not to rub aggressively. Once the stain is removed, we will use a damp cloth to rinse the stain area. Then we will dry off with a dry towel, as a recommendation I would tell you to leave a weighted towel on the wet area overnight.

How to remove blood stains from a chair or rug – bath soap

Imagine that you are in the bathroom and suddenly you cut yourself. We all know blood is very large and we can stain the bathroom rug. So what to do if there was product in the bathroom to clean it?

Well yes, the soap we use in the bathroom is ideal, if the blood stain is recent. You can use the soap directly on the stain or diluted with water for which we will follow the following steps:

We will first soak the affected area with very cold water and later pour some bath gel or soap on the stain.

Rub the area vigorously with your palms so that a good amount of lather forms, if you see that there isn’t enough, spray more water.

Then rinse thoroughly with cold water and if you think it is convenient, repeat this operation as many times as you deem necessary, but remember not to use hot water.

How to remove blood stains from a chair or rug – baking soda


If the blood stain is still a little wet, take a tablespoon of baking soda, another of salt, and another of water. Create a paste and pour it over the stain. Scrub the stain and allow the baking soda to work, soaking in all sides and absorbing any leftover blood. Apply it and let it sit for about five minutes. Then you can delete it or opt out.

These tips for removing blood stains from an armchair or a carpet are really very useful and as you may have seen, these are ingredients that we usually have at home.

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