Sometimes life puts obstacles in our way that at first glance seem simple, but reach a point where our nerves unravel because we are unable to cope with something as trivial as it is, a blemish. But don’t worry, because when something is simple, the solution has to be easier, you just have to know what it is. We will teach you how to remove blood stains from clothes, so as not to lose another battle.

how to remove blood stains from clothes

How to remove blood stains from clothes

Blood is always very scandalous, its texture and color scare us and alarm us, most of the time these blood stains are the product of blows or cuts, especially when we are talking about children. We know that injuries to the knees and legs are common, not to mention when their nose bleeds.

how to remove blood stains from clothes

Sometimes the case is that we have encountered T-shirts, pants, coats, etc. with blood stains, sometimes recent, which are always much easier to remove, or to dry, with which it will be necessary to use better.

These stains are really a challenge, as they dry out and leave marks where they settle. It makes you ask someone where you can go to burn that garment that you can’t fight with. It seems that a blood stain can only be removed with detergent and soap, but this is not the case, because sometimes the fabric of the garment is so fragile that it would be a crime to put it in the washing machine. . Therefore, we teach you different tips.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – Ammonia


We will take ammonia and dilute it with a cup of water. Then we will spray on the blood stain of the garment and let it act and soften the stain.

After five minutes, we will rub gently with soap and a little water, until it is completely gone. It is an aggressive mixture, so do not use it on delicate fabrics.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Clothes – Detergent


Even if you think that only a certain detergent works to remove stains from clothes, if it works directly on it, most of them can.

Take a cap and fill it with liquid laundry soap. Pour it over the stain and rub in a little water to create a lather. Leave on for ten minutes and rinse. Repeat once more, then wash it normally.

How to Remove Blood Stains from Clothes – Cold Water


Cold water will help you a lot in removing the remains of blood because it is able to solidify a little the protein in the blood and so we can manage it better.

To do this, you just need to take a basin and fill it with cold water. We immerse the garment in cold water and let it stand for about five minutes. When it comes out of the bowl, it will come off more easily if you rub it with a little soap.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – enzymatic cleaners


They will be your best allies, as they are able to separate a blood stain from any fabric, be it furniture or clothing. Its function is to soften the tissues, so it will help to remove dry and hard blood.

You have to put the product on the stain and let it act for a few minutes for the effects to be greater. Then we can gently rub to remove the stain.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Clothes – Hydrogen Peroxide

how-to-remove-blood-stains-from-clothes-hydrogen peroxide

If you apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the blood stain, you will see it start to foam. It is hydrogen peroxide that reacts with the blood, making it clean and separate from the skin and tissues where it is found. You just need to take a little and let it run.

This foam which is released, collects it and repeats the process several times. Then you can wash the garment normally.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – denture cleaner

Believe it or not, the tablets used to clean dentures, thanks to their cleaning effect and the gases in them, can help clean a blood stain completely. Just take a bowl, add a few pills, and stuff the garment inside.


Leave the garment for a maximum of one hour then wash the garment normally. You will see that thanks to the prosthesis pads, it can be removed easily. If you find the stain difficult, you can soak it overnight.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – Salt

how to remove blood stains from salty clothes

Although it looks somewhat aggressive, the salt allows fresh blood to wash the garment in the fastest way. We add salt only on the stain area and rub well. Then we rinse the garment and see how the larger traces of blood have been removed. Then you can wash the garment normally and the rest will surely be removed.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – white vinegar


It acts like salt. If the blood stain is fresh and we just cut or stained ourselves, we quickly pour ourselves some white wine. Thanks to the action of the vinegar, the blood stain will not settle, so it will not be difficult to remove the stain when putting it in the washing machine.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – Cola

Glue is used more and more: removing rust, curling hair, making sugar … What is glue made of? Either way, the cola will help the blood stain not to settle. So if you just got stained, stick with it. You might not want to go with a patch of glue on the street, but it’s better than throwing in a shirt, because that way it will hold without settling, until you put it in the machine to wash.


If the stain is difficult, let the garment soak in water containing cola, then wash it normally.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – lemon juice


Another product that has more and more uses. From removing blood stains to coloring hair. But we’ll talk about it another day. To remove a blood stain, we will add the juice of a lemon. We will let it penetrate and then, after a quarter of an hour, we will remove it with lukewarm water. Then we normally put it in the washing machine.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – baking soda

When the blood stain has not yet dried and is still wet, we can use an old remedy such as baking soda. For clean with baking soda, We will take a tablespoon of baking soda, another tablespoon of salt and another of water. With these ingredients we will create a kind of Pasta that we will quickly distribute over the surface of the stain.

Once we have the spot covered with pasta, We rub it lightly and then let the principles of the bicarbonate act on the stain, absorbing the remains of blood residues. After about five minutes you can remove the leftovers.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – Aspirin

Aspirin It is one of those drugs that we all have at home, it helps our health, it helps fresh cut plants last longer, etc. Another positive aspect that we can find in aspirin is its property of being able to eliminate the remains of blood from a tissue.

To be used as a cleaner we will take two aspirin pills, We crush them and mix them with water and in this way we create a paste. This paste as we did previously with the baking soda, we pour it on the stain so that it covers it completely. Now we wait for the paste to dry, when dry it is simply removed with a brush.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – Physiological serum

Serums They have been and continue to be used medicinally in the normal and completely usual way, every time we go into a hospital for emergencies almost the first thing they place on us is a drop of serum. Well that can also be a great ally to fight against bloodstains.

You can easily get physiological serum in pharmacies, of course. single-dose containers or bottles of 100 ml. To remove a blood stain from the clothes we will do squirt of serum on the stain we are treating, then we will rub.

Once we have removed all traces, we will clarify the area and if there are any remains, we will start the operation again, but to further increase its power, we will rinse it this time with hydrogen peroxide.

How to remove blood stains from clothes – Starch

To use this remedy, we must acquire powdered starch, We take a tablespoon to mix it later with water, from this mixture we will get a paste that we will spread over the stain. Once we have spread it well, covering the entire area of ​​the stain, we rub gently so as not to lift the fibers of the fabric and let it sit.

When the paste is completely dry, a layer will remain as if it were a crust that will be the one that will have absorbed the remains of blood, it remains only to brush vigorously with a brush.

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