The tips we share below will not only allow you to remove burnt stains from glass ceramic, but they will also allow you to have glass like new. We’ll show you how to clean your vitro with baking soda and vinegar, while we’ll show you how to apply toothpaste and what effects you can get.

the vitroceramic cookers They are still a trend, the truth is that many continue to bet on them, while others remain hooked on the benefits of gas stoves. Each of them has specific advantages that lead each to choose one or the other.

One of the negative aspects of glass ceramic is that you have to be much more careful with your maintenance, since it is a plate as if it were glass and which requires specific cleaning in order not to scratch, not to burn and to maintain hygiene.

Before we tell you how to remove burn spots, we give you the usual recommendations for a correct maintenance of the glass ceramic:

  • The vitro cannot be cleaned with any cleaning utensils or any other product. What is essential. Don’t even think about cleaning the vitro with the lullabies or the metal scrubber you would use with the traditional gas stove, since yes or yes you will scratch it.
  • To clean it properly, buy a specific spatula to clean the glass ceramic.
  • Avoid using scouring pads as the glass can be scratched. Choose to use specific sponges to clean the vitro, you will see that they look good but you will not risk damaging it.
  • Get into the habit of cleaning your cooktop daily. The best thing you can do to finally get used to it and not have a hard time getting it done is to clean it after cooking.
  • To make it easier to clean the vitro properly and without too much effort, the best thing to do is to clean it while it is still cool, but be very careful to clean it when the fire area is still hot, as you can burn you. Skirt and you will win.

Remove burn marks from the ceramic glass with baking soda and vinegar

Eliminate ceramic burns

If you have already started to suffer why your glass ceramic has burned, don’t worry that there are ways to solve it and it’s not an impossible task. You can find specific cleaning products at the supermarket and drugstores, but if you don’t want to use these types of chemicals, you can make your own paste with easy-to-find at-home stain removal products.

The Ingredients you need:

  • 10 cl. water
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • A little vinegar


If you are one of those people who like to make your own cleaning products, then you have surely tried to unclog the sink with vinegar and baking soda at home, it seems like pure magic. Of course, you have also surely noticed that the mixture of these two products causes a chemical reaction which begins to foam upwards.

In this case, in order for you to mix easily and not get a rash in the kitchen, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Mix the water with the tablespoons of baking soda until you see a paste shape.
  2. Pour the paste on the stains on the ceramic glass.
  3. Then sprinkle vinegar on the paste and the chemical reaction will begin.
  4. Give it 5 minutes to do all of its action. Then, once you have it ready, you just need to wipe it clean with a sponge to completely remove it (or the soft side of the typical scouring pad).
  5. You already have it like new!

Remove burn marks from the glass ceramic with toothpaste

Clean ceramic glass burns

The most recommended for removing burnt stains from glass ceramic is vinegar paste with baking soda, but the toothpaste It will also provide a very important cleaning touch. While this may sound impressive, the reality is that toothpastes containing baking soda are used to cleanse the vitro and restore it to its former glory. Yes, how you mean it. Your own toothpaste can be the key to having a glass ceramic looking like new.

Toothpaste can be used for remove scratches from the vitro, being able to make several of these scratches disappear and it seems they never existed. Moreover, even if you don’t have any scratches, you can also use it to give it greater shine.

The purpose of using toothpaste is that the bicarbonate it contains will help you polish the vitro.

What do you need to clean your ceramic glass?

  • Toothpaste containing baking soda
  • Carpet
  • Aluminium foil

Process to have it ready:

Take a bowl of foil and make it into a ball, a ball that is easy to pick up and use because you are going to be using it as a scouring pad.

Apply the toothpaste to the areas of burns, scratches, stains or in general if you want to choose to polish it.

With the foil ball, start rubbing gently, forming circles. In the event that you see that it is not collapsing and there is a scab, use the glass scraper to help lift it up and continue.

When you have cleaned it, you need to moisten the cloth and remove any leftover toothpaste or dirt that has come off.

Finally, with a cotton cloth or a sheet of absorbent paper, finish drying and unify so that there are no marks. You can apply a little water or alcohol to finish getting the maximum shine, but don’t forget to wipe it again with a dry cloth, paper towel or newspaper to clean it. and see the results.

Other maintenance items that may be of interest to you are: