the coffee stains They are the most common in our house, so I think we can tell you some tips that can be useful to eliminate them without dying of desperation.

The first thing I have to tell you is that coffee stains They are often difficult to remove, especially if the stains are dry. At home, we were in a hurry to think that we already had to give up a special item of clothing, but with a little ‘flis flis’ we solved it.

Therefore, for anyone who has ever faced the challenge of removing a coffee stain, we want to tell you a few Things which can be useful in removing coffee stains:

The ideal is to work on the stain as soon as it appears, this way it will be much easier to remove it. The first thing you can do is place a little absorbent paper, cotton or a little salt table on the same so that it absorbs as much liquid as possible and does not expand. In this step, you don’t have to scrub, just place the paper on top.

Then apply cold water or sparkling water top to prevent the stain from sticking to the garment. And apply soap, Be able to be neutral so as not to damage the garment and brush the stain to eliminate it as much as possible.

When the stain is already dry, you have the option of using products such as hydrogen peroxide or bleach if it is cotton or linen clothes in white (it is always advisable to read the clothing labels to know the materials and the best means of cleaning) but, if you want to be safe, the best option is to have a good, reliable stain remover.

One of the options available at any supermarket is KH-7 STAINLESS and, in particular, for this type of dye, the use of KH7 SIN STACHES OXY is recommended. Its use is really simple: you spray the product on the stain, leave it on for 5 minutes and wash with your usual program.

Yes or yes, with any of these tips that we show you, you can get the coffee stain lift-off. Always consider the type of clothing to choose the trick that damages it the least.