During the summer holidays we all have to disconnect, the little ones from their school routines and the adults from life in general. Of course, at the end of August and the beginning of September the little ones worry because the holidays are coming to an end and, the adults, sometimes look at the near future with joy and others with a little anxiety: prepare uniforms, collect all textbooks, school supplies …

We plan to give you some tips that can be used to prepare the school dress. By the end of class, you’ve probably already left your uniforms clean, but have you resisted any stain?

School dresses are the strong shield of the uniform, the ones that always take the worst: ink stains, grass, markers, sand, tempera or watercolors, broken and disjointed … Sometimes we are lucky enough to power remove ink stains easily and others make you want to throw in the towel, “as you go along and next time be more careful “, or end up buying a new dress.

If the task If it was recent I would tell you to give it with cold water, a little bit of soap and that’s it, but, assuming it’s more than likely dry, you need to find more effective solutions. I could give you some home remedies (dish soap, vinegar, etc.) but I wouldn’t dare say they work that long.

In these cases, it is better to have specific stain remover it will save labor, effort and headache. One of the expert brands is KH7 and its textile range, KH7 Sin Manchas. I would tell you that this product should be one of the essentials when there are little ones around because it treats grass stains, ink, ice cream, chocolate, blood … It looks like you, no?

The application is really simple and doesn’t take long. You need to moisten the area where the stain is, spray KH7 No stains on it and leave on for five minutes, always making sure that it does not dry out. After that, you can wash the dress by hand or in the washing machine with the rest of the clothes you have on hold.

With this type of product, it is easier to have the foolproof school dress. If you have other types of stains or dirty fabrics, there are a few tips on the KH7 website that can be useful for both clothing and the home.