the ink stains they are usually spots complex to remove, and even more if it is a white garment. In any case, there is simple solutions to try to remove those annoying stains.

How to remove ink stains from white clothes

To succeed in our feat, we must first know that there are different types of ink, and that this will affect the solution:

  • Water-based ink stains: these are the easiest to remove. This is the case with washable markers.
  • Pen ink stains: these stains are a little more difficult to remove, but if we follow a series of tips that we will see later, we can remove them.
  • Permanent ink stains: These spots, like those of permanent markers, are the most complex of all.
  • For white fabrics, it is necessary to slightly moisten a piece of cotton in bleach and press on the ink stain. Then we will wash the garment.

If the clothes are cotton, we can try to use a little rice. If we insist on rubbing, it will gradually remove the stain, but patience is required. Alcohol does not work well on cotton clothing because the friction causes the ink to spread.


How to remove ink stains from colored clothes

For white and colored clothes the procedure is similar and we can use the homemade products which we explain below. If the stain persists, you should go to the dry cleaner before continuing to experiment, because sometimes our solutions are counterproductive.

For light color clothes, we can use a mild hydrogen peroxide solution. If the ink stain is on the skin, we can apply glycerin to replenish the stain and make it easier to remove with alcohol.

For any color, we can use the product OXY-CLEAN.


Home remedies to remove ink stains

To proceed with the removal of stains, we find different methods:

The water

For the water based ink stains, the procedure is as follows. We put the stained item of clothing on a towel or dry cloth and pour water over it, that is, on the area where the stain is. With another clean cloth, we will have to dry the garment, so we will absorb the water and with it the ink.

Once done, we will proceed to apply a little liquid detergent to the stain and we left it on for about five minutes. Once this time has elapsed, we will wash the garment in the washing machine at the maximum temperature allowed by the fabric.

When the garment has been washed but is still damp, we will check if the stain is out. If we see that there are still remains, the procedure will have to be repeated. We should not wait for it to dry, as this will make the procedure difficult.


For the ink stains from a ballpoint pen or the like, which are a bit more complicated to remove, the procedure is quite similar to the previous one but using more aggressive products like alcohol. First we will place again clothing on a towel or dry cloth. This time we will soak the stain with an alcohol swab. With another clean cotton we will absorb the ink. To return to apply more alcohol, we will have to let the fabric dry before, so we will get better results. The process should be repeated until the stain disappears. Then we will wash the garment in the usual way. In the event that we cannot remove the stain with alcohol, we will have to wash the garment well and then try again with nail polish remover.


This remedy is already used for more resistant ink stains and for non-synthetic clothing. We will make a mixture of two parts of denatured alcohol with one of ammonia. You must first soak the garment and then add vinegar to neutralize the ammonia. Then we will wash the garment as usual.

Hair spray

To use this remedy, we will place a a paper towel under the garment, then we will apply the lacquer on the ink stain. What we get with the hairspray is that the ink dissolves, and that way it will be easier to wash the garment. The stain should be sprayed liberally until it is well covered. Then, with a damp cloth and still without rubbing, we will dry the stain to absorb the ink. Then we will wash as in the previous procedures. If we haven’t removed the stain well, we should avoid using the dryer, as the heat makes the stain more attached to the fabric.



We can use milk in different ways:

  • Cold milk: once we have dried the ink with a paper towel as we did before, we will wet the stain with milk and let it act for half an hour. Then we will wash the garment in the usual way.
  • Hot milk: we will heat a little milk until it is hot and we will put it in a large container. We will immerse the stained area of ​​the garment in the milk as quickly as possible. Then we rinse and wash.
  • Old milk solids: we put the milk in a container and leave it in the sun to spoil it from the heat. We use it when it’s lumpy and sour. We will take the pieces of cut milk and apply them directly to the stain. When the pieces have absorbed the ink, we will shake the garment so that it falls. Then with soap we will rub the stain. Then we will wash in cold water to remove all the remains and then we will continue washing as usual.


Glycerin is another useful remedy for removing ink stains. The heat to hot temperature and apply to the stain. Then we rinse with water. We can add a few drops of ammonia.

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