At Bricolaje 10, we don’t just care about decoration, crafts or furniture and adornments. We also care about your own style and try to give you some tips so you can always look impeccable. This is possible thanks to some tips and remedies that will save us a lot of money at the end of the year. Specifically, our shoes are one of the most delicate garments we wear. As you know, it is enough that we have a lot of appreciation for a specific garment, and all the misfortunes in the world happen to it.

Therefore, today we want to bring you an entry that tries to solve a serious problem: remove stains from shoes. We’ll focus on helping you solve some of the most common spots we’ll find. These are the stains of wine, blood, ink and oil. We hope this article helps you and you can still look stylish.

How to remove blood stains from shoes

The first thing to keep in mind is that when removing stains shoes made of blood, we will never use hot water. Hot water helps the blood to attach to the tissue and it is impossible to remove it.

We must try toRemove stains from shoes with cold water, However. We will apply cold water to the area in question. With the rest of the clothes, we can put them directly in a basin of cold water. However, in the case of shoes, we cannot. So, although the process that we are going to describe is valid for all types of clothes if they have been stained with blood, in the case of shoes, we have to apply the remedy to the stain without soaking the whole shoe.

How to remove blood stains from shoes

So, we are going to put water on the surface which contains blood.

Later we will apply laundry or detergent on the stain in question and gently rub the area. We will soak the area again, that is, we will apply water to the stain in the case of the shoes. For this operation, it is good to use a spray gun to help us wet only the desired area with precision. Finally, we will rinse the stain and check if, finally, it has been completely removed. Otherwise, we will repeat the process, remembering that it should always be with cold water.

In the event that the shoe is not delicate or is made of a material which allows put it in the washing machineLater, we can introduce it to finish cleaning it. It is a great way to remove stains from shoes.

Another solution we can offer you removing blood stains from our shoes means mixing water and salt and applying it to the stain. Hydrogen peroxide is always good also for applying it on blood spots. However, in this case, we need to make sure that the hydrogen peroxide solution will not damage our shoes or clothing in general.

How to remove ink stains from shoes

In the case of shoes that are not made of leather, ink stains can be removed with vinegar. We pour the vinegar in a small container and we will use an ear stick to spread it out. We will apply it to the stain, soaking the area well. It is essential to do the process as early as possible. The longer it stays there, the longer it takes to disappear. Another solution that we can use is yogurt or milk to remove these types of stains.


Any item that has acidity is a good solution for this type of stain, hence the use of yogurt. We will let it dry in the sun and after the time we will rub the stain water rinse. We can also use the hairspray trick. We will apply abundant hairspray to the stain. This will cause the stain to begin to dissolve, so it will be easier to remove it later. Another tip is to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. As with vinegar, it is a very good idea to apply the mixture with a cotton swab to affect the area in question.

In the case of leather, lacquer will also work. It is best not to use acidic solutions for these types of materials. However, if your shoe leather is unfinished leather (when you apply a drop of water on it, it won’t absorb it) you will need a professional solution. Leather ink sticks and specialty products are very effective in treating ink stains on other leathers.

How to remove wine stains from shoes

In the case of white shoes, we are going to use the following trick: The first thing is to absorb all the mixture possible if the stain has just been produced. Later we will put two cups of powder detergent in a bucket with lukewarm water. We will add a tablespoon of liquid dishwasher and one of white vinegar (important that it is not from Modena). With a sponge, we will apply the mixture to the stain in question. We will apply this solution and rinse as many times as necessary. Press down on the surface to try to absorb the wine.

For the leather case exactly as before, we will make sure what kind of leather do we have. For the finished leather, we can use hydrogen peroxide. As for its cloth counterparts, we will try to absorb as much liquid with absorbent towels. Do not press too hard to prevent the surface eventually absorbing. Then we will apply the hydrogen peroxide with a small wipe or a damp but not damp cloth.

We will wait about 30 minutes to see if you have done your job well. If the stain has been removed, we can only rinse to remove any residue. Otherwise, reapply.

How to remove oil stains from shoes

Again, the type of material will make the process either way. In the case of natural skin we will use shampoo (about two tablespoons) mixed with water (about a liter). We will apply with a cloth soaked in the mixture.

For synthetic leather, we can use the previous method or the dishwasher instead of shampoo.


Dark colored leather box stay clean if you rub with a banana peel.

In the case of fabric shoes, we will apply talcum powder first. With lukewarm water, baking soda and PH Neutral Soap We will make a mixture that we will apply to the stain. We will rub gently and let dry in a shady place.

We hope you found these tips on how to remove stains from shoes helpful.

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