It happened to everyone. Every time someone uses glue, no matter how careful it is, it ends up falling into their hand. And of course, it is not that easy to remove it afterwards, once it has dried. Where is it? We tell you how to remove glue from skin easily

How to remove the glue from the skin?

The bad thing about the glue is that it doesn’t allow the use of gloves, which means that yes or yes you end up staining even a little on your hands or any other part of the body. In these cases it is important to know how to remove glue from skin, so as not to leave traces once cleaned.

How to remove glue from the skin

Have you tried soap and water? It doesn’t work, does it? In the end, the elements in the glue make it impossible to remove it by the usual methods. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult, just that you have to take another path to reach your destination. We show you how to remove glue from skin in various ways.

How to remove glue from the skin: acetone

Don’t you know what acetone? Basically it is the liquid used to remove nail polish. It usually comes in pink jars and surely there is some in your house even if you don’t know it. Well, in this case acetone will be the element we use to remove glue from the skin. And we’re going to do it very simply.

Just take the bottle and acetone jet on the glued area. Do not use cotton or gauze to remove it, rub acetone directly on the glue. You will notice that the dried glue begins to peel and crack. In no time at all, no glue residue will be left.

Of course, if the glue fell on a mucous area like the eyes, nose or lips, avoid adding acetone because you will have a really bad time. Also, if you have an open sore in the area or some glue has fallen just above the wound, the better avoid acetone.

How to remove glue from skin glues

Obviously, if you can’t use acetone, you will need to show yourself another alternative to getting the glue off your skin.

How to remove glue from the skin: lemon and salt

In the purest style of tequila shot, the most pleasant and surprising way to remove glue from the skin It’s with salt and lemon.

The first thing to do is take a lemon wedge and squeeze it on the area that has the glue on your body. Leave alone steep for about 10 minutes, in which the glue will absorb the lemon and soften it. Then, put a little salt on the glue and wait a minute.

How to remove glue from lemon peel

When you combine lemon and salt, the mixture will make the glue softer and easily removable.

Before approaching this operation, there are several elements to take into account. The first, verify that your nail polish remover contains acetone. If not, you will need to find another alternative. On the other hand, the power of acetone is such that table finish can be worn, if you are there. Better to do it in the kitchen or at the sink.

How to remove glue from skin: file

It’s possible remove glue from the skin with a file? Give it a try and you will see that it is. So easy how to take lime, or a sandpaper in its fault (although it’s more painful and irritating) and rub it on the part of the skin that has the glue.

How to remove glue from lime peel

You will notice how it is gradually removed because it is advised to do so slowly so as not to hurt or lift your skin. When you are done, you should moisturize the area well, pour the cream in abundance, not only after the deposition, but in the following days, because the area will be very dry and affected.

If the file makes you difficult, you can try a pumice stone which has a similar effect. You can even put the area in lukewarm soapy water for five minutes, to soften the glue.

How to remove glue from the skin: Vaseline

Another alternative for remove the glue from the skin is petroleum jelly. This is another product found in most homes around the world. In addition, with its restorative power, it will minimize the damage caused by the failure.

How to remove the glue from the skin of petroleum jelly

To remove the glue, you must apply petroleum jelly to the stained area and massage for five minutes. Massage slowly, clockwise and focusing on the glue but also the environment. Gradually, the glue should come off almost by itself.

How to remove glue from slimy skin

Once you have finished, wash your hands well and moisturize them, they will be more than dry. If you don’t have petroleum jelly at home, you can look for a lip balm that contains petroleum jelly. If you don’t have it or can’t find it, you will find quality petroleum jelly in any drugstore.

How to remove glue from the skin: hand cream

Just by giving me hand cream will this glue come off the skin? In most cases, yes. You just need to put some cream on your hands and rub the area well. Before long, the glue will start to peel off your skin, almost on its own.

How to remove glue from creamed skin

In that case, hand cream helps moisturize the skin and, therefore, to repair the damage caused which, according to the glue, can be quite significant.

How to remove glue from the skin: vegetable, olive or baby oil

The last of the tips for remove the glue from the skin is oil vegetable. In addition, it is applied by means of a cloth or cloth, which we will wet with oil and rub good for a few minutes. You will notice how the glue will come off on its own

How to remove glue from oily skin

If you don’t have any vegetable oil, you can try with olive oil, or even tobaby body oil.

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