Who hasn’t arrived? That Victorian table that cost you money at the New York antique store. This table that brings your whole home to life. This table which is the jewel in the crown. And it turns out that the woodworm comes out. What do you do, burn it down, sell the house? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Today we will teach you how to remove worms or moths from furniture

Moreover, we will not only show you how to remove worms or moths from furniture, but we will show you how to cover the holes that can be caused by the invasion of these beetles. And it is that everything has a solution, except the irremediable. When it comes to wood, there are of course solutions.

How to remove worms or moths from furniture

Before you learn how to remove worms or moths from furniture, it is important to know whether the bugs are still in the furniture or not. It is not the same to have woodworms as it is to have woodworms. And to find out, as easy as checking whether there is sawdust under the holes that have been made in the furniture. If there are, the bugs are still on your furniture. In fact, they continue to eat it day after day.

Don’t worry, as outrageous as their job of destroying them is, getting rid of them is a lot easier than it looks.

How to remove worms or moths from furniture step by step

Having said that, let’s learn how to remove worms or moths from furniture step by step. To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • Brush
  • Transparent paper
  • Liquid woodworm killer
  • Wood pulp
  • Syringes
  • Spatula
  • Lantern
  • Fine grain sandpaper
  • Gloves
  • Mirror

Step 1 – The first thing to do is to dismantle the furniture as much as possible. Basically, to make our work easier and prevent woodworms from spreading to other areas. In addition, with smaller parts we will have better access to the holes they made, with the help of items such as the mirror or the flashlight.

2nd step – Before starting work, you must see the condition of the part. If we squeeze and the wood gives way or is plastid, we have no choice but to remake that part. At least that’s not the whole piece of furniture. If the wood is still hard and is supporting its weight, we can continue the restoration / annihilation.

Step 3 – It’s time to load the woodworm. To do this, take the liquid to kill the woodworm and fill each hole fearlessly and being generous. The use of gloves is essential and, if possible, that you do it outdoors, as it is a very resistant and corrosive product. As there will be very small holes, use the syringes to get to the bottom of everyone. To calculate the amount, wait until the hole overflows and they will have no way out. No mercy for them.

Step 4 – Once you’ve filled them out well, it’s time to wrap the room with transparent paper. The idea is that they remain very rigid, so you have to prevent air from entering and giving them life. Once packed, you need to be patient and let the part dry for 15 days.

Step 5 – After 15 days, the woodworm will be more rigid than if it had been fossilized. It’s time to restore the damaged areas. If you want of course. There are those who leave the holes in memory of the experience. Some cool even make man-made holes to look like rotten furniture. Don’t clothes break down and sell? It. If this is not the case, you should fill each hole with wood pulp.

Add generous balls that fill the hole well and when they stick out, smooth them out using the spatula. Let it dry for an hour and give it the sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots. If you see that the wood pulp has entered some holes, repeat the process. If you don’t fill it correctly, the pasta tends to fill up. Fucking gravity.

Step 6 – Once you are done, it is time to wax the part to bring it back to life and shine. Heat it to a minimum and put it back on the holes that are no longer there.

Step 7 – The last step is the most satisfying: painting. Choose a color similar to the furniture or repaint it all as you wear it. Let dry and you already have your rotten furniture like new.

Home remedies for removing worms or moths from furniture

Do the previous seven steps seem too many and complicated? No problem. We have an alternative. Here we leave you two home remedies to remove worms or moths from furniture.

Cold storage

If you have one hand cold room or chest In which you place the affected furniture or room, you are in luck. Just put it in the freezer on and leave it 24 hours. Woodworm larvae, like most living things at these temperatures, will stiffen and die. So you will make sure that they die very dead.

The success of this method is close to 100% and it is one of the cheapest you will find. Even if it surprises you in winter, you don’t even need a large refrigerator. Leave the room outside for 3-4 days. Being at less than 8 °, the woodworm will find it difficult to survive, because it is not its natural habitat. Of course, cover it up if you see it’s raining. Water gives them life.

Fresh acorns

This option is more slow and rude. It consists of putting a fresh acorn in a bag, like a trap. Woodworm is attracted to his odour, and goes with the acorn to lay its eggs. Thus, the larvae will also stay there to eat the acorns. When the spawning season is over, you take the bag and throw it away. With him the larvae will go. Very slow and very disgusting.

The best products to remove woodworms or moths from furniture

Of course, you can proceed with removing woodworms or moths with the household methods we have seen now. But if you prefer to use chemicals, we will also offer you several solutions.

We are in favor of trying it at home, as the products we are going to see are more toxic. They are obviously more efficient in their work, but they must also be handled with more care. It is advisable to use a mask and gloves for its application. and keep the furniture in quarantine for a few days. If you have pets, be careful not to let them suck or play with the furniture. Sometimes neglect can be terrible.

Matacarcomas V33 treatment

This V33 brand product is available in specific DIY stores at a more than affordable price. Act immediatelyIn fact, one of its positive qualities is how quickly it fixes the problem. In addition, it remains active for a long time inside the cabinet, so it prevents the larvae of these small bugs from reproducing.

In addition to speed, the Matacarcomas V33 treatment presents Other features that place it among the best products for removing woodworms or moths from furniture:

  • It is respectful of wood: It doesn’t matter whether it is new or old wood, this product will not affect you in any way.
  • It is a product that does not leave stains: Once the furniture is dry, it will be like new, without any stains.
  • It does not present any compatibility issues: It can be used without problem on furniture made of natural wood, lacquered, painted, varnished, stained, etc.
  • It has a double action: It serves both as a curative and a preventive product. If there is any affected furniture, you can apply it to those nearby to prevent them from catching worms or moths.

Matacarcomas Plus Xylamon

The Xylamon brand product is sold in different sizes, which is ideal for choosing the amount of product needed depending on the furniture you are going to treat.

It is an anti-worm or anti-moth treatment that works as the first phase. Once applied, the ideal is to finish the job with a protector or a varnish which leaves the furniture as new. To apply Plus Xylamon it is not necessary to dilute it, it can be applied directly to furniture.

It is a colorless product with a very subtle odor, which makes it easy to use indoors without being overwhelming.

Corpol Matacarcomas

Corpol Matacarcomas is a spray solution that can be applied very easily to any surface. It is a highly evolved spray that achieves very deep penetration to treat even the worst cases. In addition, its evaporation is slow, managing to stay longer inside the furniture in an active way.

Be very careful not to mix it with other chemicals during application. Until it is dry, it cannot be varnished or painted. And it doesn’t have to be, although you can, as long as it’s very dry and has allowed time to work.

It is a product compatible with a multitude of finishes, but it is recommended to do a small test beforehand to ensure that there is no incompatibility.

Novar Gel Wood

Nover is an easy to apply gel. It comes in a container very similar to silicone or construction glue. It is lengthened with a tip to apply it directly to the holes in the wood produced by the worm or moth. Thanks to this applicator, the product does not drip and is easy to apply without staining anything.

Thanks to the application with the gun-shaped device that it brings, a penetration of up to 6 centimeters is obtained in each hole. With the subsequent expansion carried out by the product alone, an excellent depth is obtained which manages to quickly eliminate the problem.

If you prefer, it can also be applied with a brush directly to furniture. It will depend on the type of furniture and how the insect infestation is. Each case is different and you should look for the most comfortable and efficient option.

It stands out among the best products for removing woodworms or moths from furniture due to its low harmfulness. It is made up of products that are non-toxic to humans, and in fact it is one of the few non-flammable products of this type.

Axton furniture and parquet treatment

The main special feature of Axton is that it can be applied not only on furniture but also on parquet floors. This opens up many possibilities, Since fixing an area of ​​the parquet in time can prevent the pest from spreading without having to change the floor.

It is applied with a brush and does not drip, it is also colorless which makes it the ideal product for parquet. Axton offers a 20 year warranty, this shows that its efficiency is very high.

LD V33 universal base

This product is water-based, that is, it is very easy to wash off. In addition, this means that it dries very quickly and is odorless and colorless. A fantastic product to put an end to worm or moth problems.

Besides eliminating the problem, it is one of the products that also works as a preventative and prevents the plague from recurring in the long term. Work deeply and over time.

When one of our favorite pieces of furniture or the wood on the floor is affected by an invasion of woodworms or moths, it’s normal to be upset. But there is no need to worry, realizing it in time is easy to stop it. All you need to do is take the time to be able to stop the plague, and apply the necessary products to prevent them from recurring. Surely before you know it, you are done with the problem.

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