Tables, whether they are dining tables or coffee tables, are perhaps one of the pieces of furniture that can be damaged before or suffer erosion from time if they are made of wood. Let’s see how we can fix it.

old table repaired

How to repair a table:

how to fix a table

If you see that your dining room table, or any table that you have at home has started to break down either because the the wood has deteriorated, or because I have one zest or because it was broken directly, we don’t have to run to buy a new one (as they are quite expensive), but we can fix it ourselves.

How to repair a table:

First of all, we need to know exactly what is the problem that occurs at the table that we have to repair since chipping or grating is not the same, than the one who separated. Either way, there are products and tools that will allow us to fix any breakage.

If the problem is not too big and for example we noticed that the wood is grated or a small piece has been split, we can buy what is called wood putty and it’s nothing more than a paste (which we can also buy in different shades depending on the color of our wood) and which serves to fill in any gaps that may arise due to cracks, smooth dents, or remove any chipping.

  • Before starting to use wood putty, prepare the area to be repaired, for this it must be cleaned and sanded. Now we can apply this putty with a spatula. We let it dry and we sand again the surface that we have repaired. And finally we apply a product which serves to preserve and protect the wood.

The most scratches or scuffs They are quite simple to eliminate because there are a multitude of products and waxes intended for it It will be enough to apply it with a cloth and that later it is allowed to dry well.

If he The problem is in the wood finishes, we can apply a resin which is known as shellac and which allows us to cover and repair any damage that may have come from the finish of our table.

Basically we can say that fixing a table is not something to write home about, now that yes we have seen the example of a wooden table so far. Actually exists other types of tables like glass and that in fact they have more risk when it comes to breaking.

How to fix a broken glass table:

The breaking of crystal of a table is arguably much more “complicated” when we repair it ourselves, as this implies that although the breakage is low, the best option may be to remove the glass and place another one.

Anyway if we’ve been broken on one side, for example, we can still use a series of silicones specifically sold and this will serve to cover the break until we place a new one.

Video explaining how to repair furniture:

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