If you have had blinds in the house for several years, chances are you are familiar with their breakage, as over time and continued use some parts tend to break. Here we explain how to repair a blind; It is very easy and you can do it without hiring an expert person.

The most frequent breaks are in the belt, the collector of this and in the slats. Although at first glance it can be very difficult to repair, the truth is that it is a fairly simple mechanism with easy and quick repair.

How to repair a blind | materials

The materials and tools you will need to repair a blind are as follows:


  • New bracelet
  • New belt catcher
  • New trim
  • New band
  • Replacement slats
  • Blind stops
  • Tissue


  • Flat and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • The scissors
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Flexometer

how to repair awning material

Before you start repairing the awning, there are a number of factors to consider. The first is to observe what is the fault of our blind, since the same mechanism does not always break. Sometimes only the belt breaks, so there is no need to change the catcher or slats.

It is convenient that from time to time we check the status of the tree supports. With frequent use these tend to suffer a bit, so maybe it is time to replace them as well. In any hardware store, we can find all the accessories and tools we will need to repair a blind.

Second, the option of automate blinds when we repair them. One possibility is to install a tubular motor on the shaft and another is to tie one to the blind tape.

This option allows us to program the the ups and downs of the blind depending on the time of day, thanks to a sensor. This sensor will open or close automatically depending on the amount of light received.

How to repair a blind step by step

Before we start the repair, the first thing we’ll do is remove the blind.

  • We will remove the cover located in the blind drawer. It can come bolted, with gaskets or be pressed.
  • We will remove the cold straps or strapping from the last slat to the metal rod of the blind. Before continuing, it is a good time to clean the awning with the cloth. Dust and dirt tend to accumulate, which can prevent it from working properly.
  • We unscrew the tape picker and keep the screws.
  • We release the old strip of your anchor. We can use pliers for this, depending on how it is held.
  • We delete everything blind ribbon. At the top is the tree; you have to pull from there.
  • We check if the the tree is well positionedbecause it can become irregular and prevent the awning from rolling up properly. If we see that it is level, we will mark the old brackets, in case they need to be replaced.
  • We go out on drawer shaft. We will clean it and remove the tape from the roll, which is usually held in place by a knot. If we are going to change the strap, we can cut.
  • In the case where the supports are damaged, we will place new ones that come with bearings if possible, as these are stronger. We will screw them in the same place as the old ones and thus we will maintain the level of the tree.


How to repair a blind | Change the strap

If we need to change the blind strap, the steps are as follows:

  • If we removed the blind to clean it and replace the defective slats, we will put it back in place. To do this, we extend it and put it from the drawer through the hole that the window has in its correct position.
  • We will place the fixing to the shaft in the last batten. In case we have ribbons, we will place them in the same position on both sides. Before continuing to assemble the blind, pay attention to which side the drawer is placed, i.e. whether it is inside or outside the blind. The thickness of the blind should be placed this way, so that it can be opened easily rolled up and unrolled.


  • We will put the axis in its place. If we put new supports, we will check that the shaft works well with the new bearings.
  • We will screw the cintas where we marked the axisThis way they will be equal in straps on both sides and with the same height. To secure the tape, two screws can be placed. We have to use sheet metal screws.
  • If our blind goes with straps, we will put them back where the axis and the top batten indicate.
  • We will replace the ribbon pin on topbecause it is usually deteriorated or dirty. The support you have may vary from model to model. Sometimes it is integrated into the same frame as the awning.
  • We will put the tape through the Bodkin from the top. By measuring from the top bracket of the shade to the bottom base, where the tape collector box is located, and multiplying that amount by three, we can know how much tape we are going to need.
  • We will check several times before continuing that the the awning goes up and down correctly. If for some reason we find that this does not happen, we will need to rectify the steps we took during the installation and observe where the fault is.

As you can see, repairing an awning doesn’t have much difficulty, so we we will save an expert’s money and we will have gained in ease to continue with other arrangements of the house. Each cloud has a silver line.

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