HOW TO SAVE SPACE IN A SMALL KITCHEN. Discover solutions to gain and optimize space in Small Kitchens: Modulation and cabinets, drawers or drawers, integration …

save space small kitchen


We are always looking for solutions for all types of kitchens, we don’t just focus on the perfect cinematic kitchens for that huge house that few lucky people have. Today we will present solutions for lack of space, so this is no longer a problem if your kitchen is small.

The first and essential for the space are the cabinets. AN well-equipped wardrobe will multiply capacity storage and will facilitate our daily work. It is essential to make the right choice of this furniture, especially with its equipment.

To order the modules essential (let’s not forget that we want to save space), we need to know exactly what will be stored: dishes, food, etc. For example, for a family of four, the ideal is about five linear meters of furniture (CAUTION! Adding the top and bottom modules). In terms of equipment, there is everything: from structured drawers for small accessories to large compartments for large pieces.

As important as the cabinets is their distribution. The drawers. For example, they are large capacity drawers to which we can place dividers to store dishes, containers for cleaning products or to store pots and other kitchen utensils. A very practical solution is the rotating shelves in the low modules, as they allow easy access to the interior; but we also have cabinets with double drawers, metal shelves on the inner door, etc …

Another great solution for small kitchens is to optimize space. Manufacturers know that we have less and less space on our floors, which is why they keep forming ideas on how to integrate some elements into others. The current range of possibilities is quite wide. The most common (widely seen in American films) are folding ironing areas built into cupboards. In the same line, tables of this style are also manufactured, located under the countertops, perfect for easy access to the office area.

Today, the lack of square meters is no longer an excuse for a kitchen to be a pleasant space.