How to store 23,000 liters of water with less than 300 euros

Today we will learn from the friends of Forest store 23,000 liters of water by investing less than 300 euros in budget.


We will need:

  • 20 strong pallets – equal (80 × 120).
  • High voltage wires.
  • Greenhouse plastic.
  • Wall stapler.
  • Screws and bands.
  • Cardboard.
  • Sand.


  1. Prepare the terrain. Create the sand base in a circular shape.
  2. Level the sand.
  3. Place the pallets.
  4. Secure the pallets securely.
  5. Coating the pallets with two layers of cardboard protects the plastic of the pallets.
  6. Attach 3 turnbuckles.
  7. Cover with plastic.
  8. Fill.

I suggest you follow the video tutorial where the project is explained in detail:


AguaBosque is a global project to learn how to manage the planet’s water, produce sustainable and edible forests, provide land, resources and / or help spread a message that must cross borders. You can visit them at or follow them on their channel Youtube.