How to stuff the roof of a car quickly and economically This is something you don’t consider until you feel the roof of your car touching your head. Once that happens, the alternative is to have it yourself or go to the official house to have it fixed and they charge you for a pasture. You choose. If you choose to do it yourself, you need to know how to stuff a car’s roof quickly and cheaply, and that’s where we come in. We will show the steps to do it simply and efficiently. Your roof will be like new in a while.

When we talk about DIY, we always think of the house. The truth is, learning how to upholster the roof of a car is as easy as painting a wall, removing the gotele, or turning on the underfloor heating at home. In addition, know how to stuff the roof of a car this is something that is useful to 90% of the people who have one.

Whether it is due to time, use, steam cleaning, or poor quality, the coated roofs of many cars end up giving way and falling off, more or less. Know how to stuff the roof of a car, you can save big money.

Said like that, the premise for knowing how to stuff the roof of a car seems a priori simple. Remove the roof, peel off the siding, replace the new siding and reassemble the roof. In theory, everything looks easy. And it’s. Now, better to have someone to guide you, at least the first time.

Materials for upholstering the roof of a car

Obviously the first thing is to have the materials for padding the roof of a car. These may vary depending on the model and type of roof. But we are going to go with which car roof padding materials to use. So here’s what you need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Contact tail
  • Brush
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Rigid bristle brush

How to stuff the roof of a car step by step

With the materials ready, the right predisposition and the time to waste, let’s learn how to stuff the roof of a car step by step.

  • Step 1 – The first step is to eliminate fat. That is, remove the handles and umbrellas, so that they disturb us when you are working. Just unscrew and remove them. It won’t take too long.
  • 2nd step – The same is done with the moldings, both those of the rear seats and the front seats. Obviously, we also remove those from the trunk. Most of them are anchored with staples, so with the help of the screwdriver you can remove it easily and without breaking it.
  • Step 3 – Then we remove the interior light from the back. The same, remove the screws and remove them easily.

  • Step 4 – Once we have removed all the elements that hold the roof of the car, we remove it checking that it does not crack, get caught or that there is something left to remove. Remember that we are now removing the shell from the roof, not the fabric itself.
  • Step 5 – We are removing the fabric now, and if we want to remove the fabric faster, we can remove the rubber from the doors. The same ones that seal the window to the door and are simply mounted, you can remove them in an instant and, incidentally, you also remove the top trim which can be uncomfortable in some cars.
  • Step 6 – With the roof and fabric removed, it’s time to clean the area to remove dirt, which also helped the roof fall off. We hit him with the stiff bristle brush. Don’t be in a rush to clean up and leave things right. Since you’ve made it this far, do it right and leave it the best you can
  • Step 7 – It’s time to strike. In materials we recommended contact glue. However, special fabric glue or adhesive, whichever you prefer, also works. The point is, it is effective.

  • Step 8 – We apply the adhesive with a brush and we are very generous in the quantity, both on the roof canvas to be put in place and on the roof of the bare car. Be careful not to stain the rest of the upholstery, as there are areas that will not be covered by the ceiling. By the way, some of these special fabric glues require a drying time before use. Read the instructions before applying it.
  • Step 9 – It’s time to stick the ceiling. The easiest and to make it as uniform as possible is to go from the center to the sides. In other words, glue the whole central area from the front to the back, then do the same with the sides.
  • Step 10 – If you are done, let it dry for the time indicated by the manufacturer and, when the time passes, we will put the roof of the car. We will do this the reverse of how we remove it. And as soon as you do, you will have your car roof padded and like new.

It is possible, as it happens on several occasions, that after time it will come off again the upholstery of the roof of the car. In this case, you would have to redo the process, but this time with a larger upholstery fabric with long hair, as it grips the contact glue better and therefore does not come off. However, first of all it is worth trying the original, because in many cases this is enough.

And from now on you know when you clean the car the better leave the steamer at home and hit it with a spray and a cloth. Ultimately, humid heat is the worst enemy you can take on your car roof. Nothing to do with air conditioning, the driest heat there is.

Ideas and styles to dress the roof of a car

The way it is, when you have lined your car’s roof you wonder whether you should change it, give it your personal touch, or keep the car’s original styling. As there are tastes for everyone, we give you some ideas and styles for lining the roof of a car.

  • Standard padding – On the one hand, the most common is that we keep the standard upholstery of the car. Most drivers are careful in this regard and find it difficult to switch to a color other than the usual one. In this case, it is enough to find the color in question and to proceed as we explained.

How to stuff the roof of a classic car 2020

Continuing with the padding that the car brought in might seem like a small thing, but if you’ve padded your car’s roof, it’s for something. Was it downstairs, had holes, was stained or some other issue. Either way, the new padding will already make it look cleaner and more polished, so you’ll win, even with the continue option.

How to stuff the roof of a roof with auto parts 2020

By the way, if you plan to put part of the ceiling in the color it had, and another in a different color, it is almost better to throw it away. It’s not okay. In fact, we would never include it among the ideas and styles for lining the roof of a car That we would give to someone

  • Dark padding – If you want to give the interior of your car a radical turn, the most successful option is always to upholster the roof in dark tones. Usually black is the color chosen because it is the one that combines most easily with everything. And be careful, in addition to the color of the roof, you need to choose the roughness of the material.

How to stuff the roof of a dark car

The downside of one of the ideas and styles for lining the roof of a car more risky is that it will remove a lot of light inside the car. However, you need the light outside on the road, so it won’t be a problem for normal driving. Now the change will be very noticeable, so we have to be very clear about it.

  • Fancy padding – Finally, the last of ideas and styles for lining the roof of a car. The riskiest, but the most original. The alternative that will make your car a legend: put sophisticated upholstery on the roof. The advantage that a coating of this style gives you is that it does not have to match the color of the car. In addition, it is not the usual, it is even the least.

How to stuff the roof of a Fanasia 2020 car

Upholstery would become the absolute protagonist whether or not you drive a Tesla. In fact, you need to be prepared for everyone in your car to take a photo of the upholstery.

For example, some Havana taxis use this resource to draw attention to customers and use their cars to get around the city. In other words, you would put the ceiling in the color that those who want to attract attention are putting it. Now, if you have it clear, do not hesitate. Your car will become a museum piece.

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