How to take a puff with recycled tires

We always have materials that we can reuse in our homes and we are also helping the environment. In this opportunity, the central idea will allow you to reuse a used tire.

We suggest you take advantage of its shape to make a floor on which to sit or to put your feet while you rest. We are going to give extra use to an item that we usually throw away when it is already worn out and now we can give it better use while acting with more ecological responsibility.

Materials for puffing with car wheels.

What will we need to make this decorative seat?

  • A used tire
  • Two 60 x 60 cm MDF sheets
  • Jute rope
  • 1/4 inch screw
  • Silicone
  • Mounting glue
  • Rubber stamps
  • Butts,
  • Latex,
  • And water spray

Step by step instructions for making armchairs with tires.

puff with tire

To start with, we need to check that we have all the materials, in fact, in the case of MDF in some stores, they usually sell the circular pieces already ready. Otherwise, it will be very easy to do it at home; A rope half the diameter that we want to cut is enough, in an example, if it is 50 cm with a 25 cm rope this will suffice. We measure and tie the end of the rope to a nail that is fixed in the center of what will be the circle, at the other end of the rope we tie a pencil, we guide ourselves with a ruler. Then we stretch the canvas and mark the circumference with the pencil, after the reference circle is completed, we cut with a jigsaw that we can rent or lend to a friend.

Two circles will be made, which will be the ones we will need as the lower and upper seat covers and then we will fix them to the tire. Applying with a caulking gun, we put a silicone bead around the perimeter of the wheel, and then we fix it with four screws, at this point we can rely on the help of a drill. Then we repeat the same procedure on the other side and we will have the base.

To start giving it the shape of a seat we will cover it with jute rope on top, the technique we will use and the most recommended is to roll it in a circular, snake-like way, from the inside to the outside, applying mounting tape through the center and With each new twist we make to the jute, we have to wind it very carefully and make sure that every turn of the rope is without separation and has a good finish. The top cowl and the whole tire needs to be covered and it needs to be done quickly to keep the adhesive we put on from drying out, it usually does it in 4 minutes. If the rope is missing, we will place another in the suite, together to hide the suite and take care of the finishing touches.

Once the jute has been rolled over the tire and the glue is dry, at the bottom or below, we will place the rubber bumpers that will serve as mini feet to separate the seat from the ground and act as non-slip. The stops are fixed by the back of the seat, in total we will put four of them by screwing them to the wood with butts.

The finish of the seat and the decorative touch will be made with colored latex from the middle down and from the upper part to be protected, a water-based lacquer. We apply the color from the center to the bottom, placing a tirro as a separator so that the division is more exact and we avoid staining or exceeding the limits of the middle, we will apply in several thin layers, making sure that the jute and the surface penetrates well, so we will also avoid that deteriorating over time.

Then we apply a colorless wood protection lacquer on top and wait a few hours for it to dry and return to its natural color and voila, you will have a new decorative piece of furniture to place on the balcony or place your feet while enjoying your program. television.

Video tutorial for making an armchair with a worn tire.


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