With the scientific name of Euphorbia pulcherrima, the poinsettia flower is the christmas plant par excellence and is perfect for decorating our home at the moment. We will tell you how to take care of this plant so that it reaches perfection in December. In addition, we have compiled the best Christmas Ornaments 2020 so you can leave your perfect home.

And if you don’t want to limit your Christmas decoration to just one plant, you can also spend some time crafting paper snowflakes for decoration at Christmas. Simple, inexpensive and a sea of ​​results. Ideal for decorating the whole house.

Christmas plant or poinsettia flower

The Poinsettia plant is native to Mexico and is characterized by red leaves, although they can also be white, salmon, or even yellow.

Be careful, this plant can grow into a shrub up to 5 meters tall if grown outdoors, but it needs a stable climate, protected from frost and high temperatures.

This flower can be grown indoors, but it must be protected from heat and air conditioning for it to reach perfection in December, when these plants really look the best.

How the Christmas plant turns red

The Christmas or Easter plant takes on its characteristic red color by performing its usual care, as we tell you below. You don’t have to do anything special, just take into account the following aspects:

Caring for the Poinsettia Christmas plant indoors and outdoors

This plant does not like temperature changes so if you are going to have it inside the house, avoid direct heating or air conditioning. Or although it is outside, you need to protect it from winter frosts and extreme summer heat. We advise you to protect the plant with a plastic so that the low temperature does not affect it if it is outside. The ideal temperature for this plant is 22 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night.

When you buy it, you should be looking at its yellow flowers, and there aren’t many open. Remember that the more opening there is, the shorter the service life will be.

Look at its stems and leaves, that they are not broken or rotten and that they have no spots. Also watch its base by moving the trunk a little, it must be firm.

Poinsettia need indirect natural light, and darkness will cause leaves to drop.

Place a bowl or plate at the base of the pot with rocks and water so that the roots do not come into direct contact with the water. This will always keep the plant moist.


The irrigation of the Christmas plant is done by immersion. Place the plant in a bowl with seasonal water and leave it for 15 minutes for the plant to absorb this water. Remove the one that leaves.

It is important to leave some substrate before watering it again as excess water rots the plant. This plant is watered twice a week maximum.


The size of this plant is very important for the poinsettia to have good red leaves for Christmas. At the end of January, this plant will start to shed its leaves and it is at this time that its branches will have to be cut, leaving about 10 cm in height. If you see that he isn’t throwing the leaves away, wait until he does.