Do you want to give a personal touch to the gifts you give but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to tie gift knots And every gift you give will be something unique, personal and special to the person who receives it. Also no matter how much they leave it for you in the store, the best way to wrap a gift it will always be the one you make yourself.

How to tie gift knots

A lot of people get scared when they try to explain how to tie gift knots. The reality is that doing them is much easier than it looks.

The truth is that these small details make the difference in a gift. Buy it in store and get it wrapped, it’s always easy. Taking the step and turning that gift into something special is as easy as putting desire and commitment into it. A gesture that implies that the person receiving the gift is important to you.

Plus, it’s such a simple and at the same time so detailed gesture that once you master it you’ll take it as a routine. There will be no gift that does not bear the personal seal of your tie. Of course, before going to show how to tie gift knots quickly, easily and above all very economical. No, you are not going to spend a fortune to bond.

By the way, if you have children, Take the opportunity to tie gift knots with themIt’s a job they love and it doesn’t hurt to have helpers with these tasks.

How to tie gift knots step by step

The big question: how to make gift bows step by step. To answer this question, we’ll start with a quick and easy loop to grasp the concepts. A loop that, without any experience, you can do in less than a minute. Of course, you must first collect the material needed to make gift bows.


  • Cardstock (the color you prefer)
  • The scissors
  • A pushpin (the color you prefer)
  • Punch
  • Pencil
  • Rule


  • Step 1 – To start, you have to draw a square of 10 centimeters on each side on the cardboard and cut it out with the scissors.
  • 2nd step – With the ruler and the pencil, we draw four lines that go from the four corners to the center of the square, without allowing them to touch each other. To achieve this, we leave an imaginary circumference right in the center.
  • Step 3 – We take the punch and the point, one by one, the four lines that we have drawn on the cardboard. Then we cut the two lines below and cut the lower section, the same that serves as the base.
  • Step 4 – The next step takes us to cut the other two missing lines but without removing the lower area, because we are going to fold it back.
  • Step 5 – With the two folded sections, we take the punch again and make a hole in each corner of the square, and another in the center, where the four corners will eventually meet.
  • Step 6 – We insert the pin in the central hole and take each of the peaks to bring it to the center and catch it with the pin. You will see that the loop is already formed. You just need to cut off the excess from the bottom to give it a fresh touch.

How to tie gift knots in layers

Once we’ve mastered the basics it’s time to take the leap and learn how to tie gift knots in layers. We’re talking about a premium bow that you’ll crown yourself with every gift you give. Even a gift won’t live up to your tie. First, as always, the Materials you will need to make Layered Gift Bows


  • Fabric ribbon (the color you prefer)
  • The scissors
  • Rule
  • Double-sided adhesive tape


  • Step 1 – We start by cutting several pieces of fabric tape, except that each piece will be 2 cm longer than the previous one. In other words, 4, 6, 8, 10 cm. Additionally, you will need to cut a piece of ribbon for the center arch which should be three times as long as the width of the ribbon. If the ribbon is one centimeter, make sure this piece is 3cm
  • 2nd step – Take the double-sided tape and glue a piece in the center of each ribbon that you cut out. Then bring the ends of each ribbon to the center, so that it remains stuck
  • Step 3 – In the case of the loop for the central area, you need to give it the shape of a loop, so you need to glue one end to the other.
  • Step 4 – Again with the double-sided adhesive tape, glue one loop on another, putting the longer one as a base, then the next in length, until you reach the central loop in the form of a loop, which will close the row, in high .
  • Step 5 – You have already created the bow but now you can give it extra elegance by passing a ribbon through the hole in the central bow and surrounding the gift box. A lot of people won’t believe you’ve done the loop, even though it’s the easiest in the world.

How to tie big gift knots

Do you have an XXL gift and you don’t know how to decorate it? We show you how to tie big gift knots and so you can include gifts of all types, sizes and conditions

In this case, we are not going to talk about materials, because what we will use to create your big bow is a rope. Yes, it is a simple but very decorative element that you can use to wrap around a TV, computer, motorcycle or whatever.

As easy as choosing the rope that you find convenient, because you have many types, colors and materials. And when the time comes to do the loop, we’ll tell you how it’s done.


  • Step 1 – The first thing is to pass the rope under the gift and bring the two ends of it to the center, crossing them so that they stop and do not come off.
  • 2nd step – Then we take them to the two sides through which the rope is not passed and we also stretch them under the gift.
  • Step 3 – With the rope in the center, we will make a canonical loop. When we fixed it is when we have to put in an effort to make a flirty bow.
  • Step 4 – If this decoration seems rare, you can always add some details. For example, cinnamon sticks, flowers, dry leaves …

And that’s how easy it is to tie gift knots. Which of them are you going to try first?