Making a gift and having it wrapped in the store is good. Making a gift and wrapping it yourself is another level. And it is that personalizing a gift is a tremendous leap in quality. Therefore, if we already tell you what it is the best way to wrap a gift, now we will teach you how to tie gift wrapping bows.

How to tie gift wrapping bows

Getting a gift wrapped in the store is too easy and obvious. At the end of the day, that’s what everyone does. If you want to stand out, you lose nothing by trying to give the packaging a clean touch. Of course, before you have to learn how to tie gift wrapping bows. With a simple tutorial, your gifts will be taken to the next level.

How to tie gift-wrapping bows step by step

To do gift wrap bows, the first thing you will need is some paper. This is where you have to make a decision, on which role to choose. It can be a cardboard, nail Review, a Newspaper, even gift wrap.

Once decided, these are the the materials you will need to make gift wrapping bows

  • Paper
  • The scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Rule

With the materials already prepared, it’s true how to tie gift wrapping bows step by step

  • 9 strips of paper – The first thing to do is cut 9 strips of paper with specific measurements
    • 3 strips of 20 x 3 cm
    • 3 strips of 18 x 3 cm
    • 2 strips of 16 x 3 cm
    • 1 strip of 9 x 3 cm
  • Fold the strips – Take each of the strips and fold them in half, return them to their original position and mark a point in the center with the pencil

  • Glue – Put a little glue in the center and bring the two ends to the point you have drawn. Of course, before sealing them, with the glue, turn them so that the two ends face each other. You will see that you have a sort of figure eight boat. There are precisely eight bands on which you have to do this.
  • Shorter strip – The 9 x 3 cm strip, the shortest, will not let you do this operation, so in this case you will finish it by making a circumference.

  • Three large bands – The next step is to glue the three largest strips, to form the base of the paper loop that we are preparing. To do this, take a strip as a central guide and put glue in the center. Glue the other two, so that they intersect and the result is a kind of bowl.
  • Three medium bands – Use the same system with medium bands. That is, glue the strips one by one, on top of the last one that is glued, so that they cover as much space as possible.

  • Two small bands – In the case of the two small strips, you may need to make a space as they do not fit together well. Don’t worry and just do it, it will look great.
  • Round band – To complete the paper loop, make a hole again in the center and put the circle you formed with the small strip. This will be the final finish and how we will put the icing on the gift wrap that we have made.

You just need to stick it on the gift box and verify, of course, that you have done it.

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