Gift bows can make any gift stand out or appear more eye-catching, or depending on the bow chosen, it may be the only thing that covers a gift. In this way, we can make the most personalized gift possible. And the details range from the gift itself to the packaging in which it is offered. So let’s see below how to tie original knots for gifts.

How to tie original knots for gifts

Think about how to tie original knots for gifts and tremble, they usually go hand in hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. It won’t take a long time and it won’t cost a lot. Now the result will be spectacular and, most importantly, the person who receives the gift will know that it is very special to you.

Original gift bows: horizontal bow

It is convenient to start with the basics when make original bows for gifts. This is where the link horizontal. A simple bow to perform but very effective and attractive when completed.

To make the horizontal loop, cut a 30 x 2 cm strip and glue the ends with glue, so that a circumference is created. Cut another ribbon, this time 10 x 2 cm, do the same operation. Then, glue the central area of ​​the larger ribbon, so that it is shaped like an eight. Fair in the central space, you will stick the smallest ribbon and you will have your bow ready to decorate the gift.

Obviously, you can lengthen or reduce the length of the ribbons as you like, also depending on the size of the gift.

Original gift bows: Rose-shaped bow

It’s time to take a quality leap and the next original gift bow that we offer in the shape of a rose. And no, it’s not difficult to do. You just need cut a piece of cardboard into a spiral shape and roll it up on itself. You will have your rose ready. You just need to seal it, in this case with a little hot silicone

Wait a few minutes for it to dry and place it on the gift. It goes without saying you can make as many roses as you want or you can for each gift. Obviously the same thing happens with the colors, you can make several roses of the same color or alternate different colors.

Original gift knots: Classic blown knot

Without a doubt, one of the most picturesque quirky links we can make is the classic puff tie. A tie which, in principle, can be a little scary, but whose execution is one of the simplest, especially when compared with the end result.

To do it you must do wrapping paper strips 10 x 2 cm. Take the strips one by one and, twisting them on themselves, shape them into eight and glue them on top of each other. As you build up bands you will see the curl grow bigger and bigger, taking on the most striking and spectacular shape. How many bands should you put on? The ones you want and can.

Original gift knots: Bow tie

Being able to wrap a gift in the form of a bow tie can be another of the original ways to create a bow to surprise someone with your gift. This particular one can also be used to wrap a gift for Father’s Day. Do you want to know how to do it? The process is very simple.

As you can see from the image we offer you below, you will need three pieces to form the loop. You can make these parts by cardboard, made of cardboard (painted in a color you like) or if you prefer, you can even use other materials for crafting, like the rubber or felt eva.

This way, if you have all three pieces, you can cut them out and join them together, so that you can form the loop. To do this, you must bend the piece into the shape of glasses. You need to fold the pieces inward and glue them with a little glue.

Now you take the piece that has the shape of the tips of the bow tie, and glue the other piece on top with glue, making sure it stays in the center. To finish you will need to wrap with the smallest piece of all and glue. Ready! You have already created an original bow in the shape of a bow tie, so you can place it on any gift or it can also be used to decorate any card.

Original gift bows: Bow with pompom

Pompoms have become a complement or an accessory to decorate all kinds of gifts, but they are also in themselves a beautiful craft to make original gifts such as a keychain. Now they can also be used to make a pretty bow for gift wrapping. To do this, we only need a sheet of paper that must be folded in half, we then take a rule and we mark a Bandaged at the open end of the folded sheet at least 2 cm. Once done, we cut the sheet into horizontal strips up to the line that we marked.

Then, We glue the sheet so that it does not open and then with a little silicone we can glue the cut strips to a rounded shape, so that it fits us like a crown. Once we have it all stuck we have to open wide to shape the bands and we will see that it really looks like a pompom that we can place on any gift, with a few bands underneath in the same color. Or if you prefer, you can also create a smaller pompom and stick it in the center of the first one that you created as if one were inside the other.

If you want to be able to make the pompom a little smaller, we can use a smaller and uniform piece of foil use other types of material like a piece of silk fabric (ideal if you are using silk ribbon to wrap), or cardboard.

Original gift bows: accordion bow

We also want to propose to make a nice bow as if it has a heart shape or also as if it was a badge that we see several times in the movies when someone is decorated. An original type of tie, but also very easy to make and can also be created from recycled elements, such as a sheet, a sheet of newspaper or even a little cardboard or cardboard.

the all you have to do is cut two pieces of foil (0 of the material you prefer) of different size. Take the larger piece or piece and you lean in and out like an accordion. After you have done everything, you need to tie in the middle and join the ends of your accordion, so that you have a round piece full of folds.

Repeat the same steps with the other piece and then you will need to join the two, place the smaller one inside the larger one. This way you will have already created a badge similar to the one you see in the image above. You will just have to stick, with a drop of glue in the center of a ribbon Let it run through the gift, leaving the ends of these long, bending them slightly and finishing making the whole package look much more original.

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