How to turn plastic bottles into rope

This is fantastic. Russian YouTuber invents system to turn plastic bottles into rope, using purely mechanical means. In the video, he shows us how to unravel a plastic bottle, obtaining several yards of plastic rope, which he then uses to tie things up. Use a heat gun to partially melt them to glue them together in addition to reducing the size, although this is not essential.

We had already published many articles on how to recycle or reuse plastic bottles like gold jewelry from Sahara refugees or Christmas items like a Christmas tree or snowflakes. I also remember the spectacular storage system with PET bottles for its originality. But I must admit that this system for obtaining rope from plastic bottles surprised me.

We remind you that many of the ropes we use today are plastic, so in this way we get two big advantages, the first that new plastic ropes are not made, and the second reuse plastic bottles this will normally end up polluting our seas and oceans.

The author of the video use this rope for different purposes such as joining branches for different purposes from rustic furniture to benches or to tie the branches we use to make this homemade Christmas tree…, He also uses them to make ingenious envelopes for tool handles. The uses are as numerous as our imagination. The important thing is that the material obtained is hard and resistant.

How to turn plastic bottles into rope 2

At the end of the video, he shows you how to make your own machine for making rope from plastic bottles. If you look, it is ready to be able to take ropes of different sizes as needed.

Hope you like it and can put it into practice.

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