One of the worst things that can happen in our home is a blocked pipe. Once that happens, this problem can lead to a bigger problem which ends up affecting the whole installation of our house. Therefore, we must be aware that this does not happen and know some methods of unclogging pipes. This will allow us to act quickly and efficiently. to exist products for unclogging pipes, but they should only be used in an emergency. It is best to use homemade methods and compounds that are not as harmful to the pipes. And do most of these products contain corrosive chemicals that in the long run can damage any material. For all of this, and for more reasons, we always feature an article on how unclog pipes with home remedies.

Home remedies for unclogging pipes

In the case of the care of our pipes, it is very important above all to exercise a prevention work. Several factors can contribute to its deterioration, and among the most important, we must count that of not using our sink or our toilet correctly. Indeed, the two sites are not waste in which we can throw everything. First of all, we have to be very careful about the type of things we offer them. In the case of sinks or sinks, we will always try to eliminate any leftover food that may have before we put an item on our table. The same goes for the toilet: do not throw tampons, tampons, sanitary napkins, diapers or food. We will also avoid “traffic jams” caused by too much toilet paper.

It is important to understand that a traffic jam can lead to an even more serious problem. A jam in our sink from the kitchen can cause a blockage in the shower. In other words, the pipes of our house are interconnected and therefore taking care of one of the deposits is taking care of all of them at the same time.

Finally, we will also say that prevention also consists in adding from time to time remedies that keep pipes clean. Among the remedies that we offer, there will also be some of this type. For everything else, we hope these tips will help you.

Then we tell you Home remedies for unclogging pipes with minor clogs.

Boiling salted water

When you see that the traffic jam you have is neither serious nor complicated, you can use this trick. First, take a liter of water, pour in a handful of salt and bring it to a boil. When it is at its hottest, pour it as carefully as possible down the drain so as not to burn yourself. If you do it well and calmly, in a few minutes you will have your pipes ready.

Vinegar and yeast

If your faucet isn’t flushing out fast enough, there is a harmless remedy that will help your pipes to unclog. We will use baking soda or baking powder. We will use half a glass with one of them. We will prepare another half a glass of vinegar. On the other hand, we will put a saucepan with water and enough salt to boil.

Home remedies to unclog-vinegar-and-baking-pipes

After removing the cap, we pour the half a glass of baking powder down the drain. When we have everything, we pour the vinegar. Instantly, it will start to react by generating small bubbles. We will let the complex act for about fifteen minutes.

After the recommended time has elapsed, we pour boiling water with salt. This mixture will help to loosen any accumulations of grease in our pipes. We will wait a little longer before turning on the tap and checking if the mixture has served its purpose. If we find that after that it still takes some time to drain all the water, we can repeat the process.

Metal wire

If the pipe is not in a very bad condition, this is the easiest and fastest method. To achieve it you will only need a bit of yarn, well and yes, have some skill.

The yarn you are going to use needs to be molded and the proper thing is that it has a certain length, it could be worth an old hanger that doubles as a hook. Once you have it, you will just have to patiently empty it. When you have removed the remains and everything that was clogging it, let the hot water run a little.


This popular soda isn’t just a great way to cool off. In addition, its compounds can help us achieve maintenance and recycling functions. Did you know that if we put a piece of rusty metal in Coca-Cola, over time it will eventually loosen up all the rust around it? This is one of the benefits of Coca-Cola, in part thanks to its gaseous compound and some of its ingredients.

Home remedies to unclog-the-pipes-Coca-Cola

In this case, we will use this tasty liquid to unclog our drain.

We’ll start by pouring three cans of soda down our drain. Again, we’ll let the compound work for about fifteen minutes. If after this time we verify that the problem persists, we can repeat the process. It is very useful to also put boiling water after all the time has elapsed.

And if you need unclog pipes with severe obstructions, we tell you now.

In the case of serious traffic jams, things get complicated. Many times it is better to use the ready-to-use chemicals that can be found in all department stores, pharmacies or bazaars. These products, in fact, because of the intensity of their compound should be a last solution for urgent cases where it is necessary to unclog the pipes. If our drain remains clogged and the clogging starts to affect other pipes, we should consider using one of these products. Its price is relatively affordable. A bottle of this liquid will help us solve a traffic jam or at most two. Usually a half bottle or a whole bottle is used.

If we are facing a serious traffic jam which we need to resolve urgently and we are also on vacation or at times of the day when there is no establishment open, we can use another home method which works and is cheap.

However, we must know that this method is not prevention and it is not advisable to abuse it as it can irreparably damage our pipes.

Salfumán or ammonia

We will pour about half a liter of these compounds into the sink. This method of unblocking the pipes, as we said, should only be used when there is an extreme need. Take extra care by putting gloves on your hands as these are two very corrosive compounds. After adding the liquids and leaving them to act for about fifteen minutes, check what the result was. Again, if it didn’t work, you can try again. Also in this case it is advisable to add boiling water with a lot of salt if it has not given results.

In any case, prevention is the best solution against traffic jams. Do not pour oil in the sink. No leftover food either. Every two weeks or so, try adding boiling water with salt to remove all the grease adhering to the walls. As soon as you notice a small blockage or delay in your sink while draining the water, use the rubber plunger before any chemicals. The grip probably isn’t that bad that you can’t vacuum fix it.

Home remedies for unclogging pipes

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