How to vacuum your home without using a machine

You will only need a cooler bag and a container with water so you can vacuum pack your food at home.

A good way to keep them and last longer, with which we can reduce the food that spoils us.

Remember that food waste is a serious problem in today’s society and worth fighting against, in fact there are already supermarkets around the world that only sell expired food, for example. example.

How to vacuum pack.

In this video we can learn how to vacuum pack food at home, without using a machine for this purpose.

In this society we have lived in, consumerism is already reaching extremes that we would never have thought of, so being able to do certain tasks manually, without having to buy specific accessories or machines for each of them, is something very to take into account to reduce the footprint we leave on the planet.

The system is quite simple, easy to achieve, surely when you see it you will ask yourself: why did it not occur to me?

We are only going to have to put the food in a bag with an insulating closure, closing it until we leave a small opening at one end for the air to escape, gradually submerging it in the water so that it can suck it up. air out of the bag, and finally close the bag when we have fully realized it.

With this method, you can preserve all kinds of food. You can vacuum pack them and freeze them for longer consumption. You can pack both meat, fish and vegetables.

The video is in English but that won’t stop you from checking out how easy and efficient the whole process is. Take the opportunity to make your contributions in the comments.