At WoodMe, we always encourage you to be the one who does the arrangements and small “repair” work of furniture at home, so we are now giving you the steps to follow to be able to varnish all the wood properly.

Wood is a very common material in the manufacture of furniture, but it is also a material that over the years can lose some quality, in addition to being attacked by external agents such as changes in temperature or temperature. . woodworm it is therefore good that we varnish them to ensure that they keep longer.

What is wood varnishing?

  • Varnishing wood is nothing more than the application of a type of “protector” or paint that helps protect the wood as well as beautify it and is known as varnish.
  • In order to varnish any type of wood, we will need a series of “tools” in addition to the varnish, such as: sandpaper, a paintbrush, a paintbrush, a brush and a sponge and a solvent or l ‘water.

How to varnish wood:

  • Before applying the varnish to the wood, we must follow a few steps or processes that prepare the wood so that it is in perfect condition during varnishing.
  • That’s why we have to start sanding also the wood to be treated. This way we will make sure that everything is even and that we can start to give the first coat of varnish.
  • The sanding must be done in a uniform way and always following the natural pattern that the wood marks us.
  • Once we have sanded all the wood, take a sponge and lightly dampen it so that you can completely clean the entire surface.
  • When the wood has dried, we check that everything has been evenly, then it’s time to apply the first coat of varnish.

  • To do this, we will have to reduce the varnish with the appropriate solvent (follow the manufacturer’s instructions or reduce it to 50%) and apply a first coat as a primer. To apply this first layer of varnish you must use a brush making cross passes so that everything is uniform.
  • After this first coat of primer, it’s time to sand again, this time with 360 sandpaper, and after cleaning the surface again, we can go back to varnishing as we did the first time and then again lowering the varnish with solvent.
  • We will wait until it is dry to sand the wood again several times, remove the dust that has come out and re-varnish in the same way as we did the first two times.
  • After the last coat of varnish, we let it dry for 24 hours and if necessary we can apply a new coat of varnish so that the wood is better covered.

I now leave you a video on how to varnish wood:

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