Idenergy has been specializing in renewable energies for several years. The company has invested heavily in solar energy, but now they have a different new product, a water turbine for rivers.

The Barsha pump is capable of pumping 45,000 liters of water per day without fuel

There are different ways of producing green energy. Solar and wind are the best known, but not the only ones. Today, it is already possible to find compact solar or wind designs suitable for home use.

For its latest product, Idenergy has chosen to focus on another source of energy: water.

After several years of research and development, the company is finally bringing to light a hydraulic turbine capable of powering a house.

The device is a simple turbine built on a stainless metal frame, with interchangeable blades. The app is very simple – just put it on a river for it to work. The water will move the turbine and start producing energy. It is designed to be effective in shallow water and at low speeds.

It consists of two Darrieus type turbines, a model of turbines chosen for its ease of installation and manufacture. They can adapt to a water depth of only 60 cm and a minimum speed of 1 m / s. Its other great quality is the type of blades they are made of. These are inexpensive to produce, easy to replace, and to ship in case of breakage.

All you have to do is connect the device to your electrical circuit to have free energy.

In terms of production, this turbine is able to produce 12 kWh per day, or enough electricity to power a small house. A value very close to the average for households in Europe.

But that’s not the most interesting. Contrary to popular belief, this turbine is not very expensive. It is actually priced at $ 9,500. In absolute terms, this is obviously a large sum, but this product will also result in substantial savings.

It works any time or day, and no matter what time of day. This tidal turbine could change the lives of many people.

Installation is simple, requires little maintenance and has the option of being installed in a network.

The installation is done in half a day thanks to simple electrical connections. It can be disassembled for easy transport to the far corners of the world, then assembled in any location you want. Its quick and easy installation only requires two people and a few hours. Several can be networked for greater energy needs. Several can be installed in the same stretch of river and connected together in the same battery bank with greater capacity to power a facility with greater energy needs and even a small isolated community.

Shaftless and 100% hermetic technology prevents water intrusion into the generator housing, limits maintenance and ensures long turbine life.

The hydroturbine is equipped with an intelligent converter which allows better control of energy production through automatic regulation of the rotational speed, thus providing maximum power.

With freely suspended turbines, the absence of an external structure and a rotating mechanism reduce the risk of debris accumulation.

The turbine starts automatically and can be monitored remotely.


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