Sun, wind and water are transformed into energy for our homes with the right materials and products. Photovoltaic energy is most used for private use, but there are also other types of small-scale energy like mini-wind and mini-hydro.

AZ Renovables, a Spanish company based in Asturias, created this first micro-hydraulic generator designed in Asturias. For the creation of this turbine, they received support from the IMPACT program and ERDF funds, it is a product entirely made in Spain.

Although this system is not new, since it has been known for a long time, they have updated it. It is a worm or Archimedean screw that takes advantage of the relief and the fall of the water to generate clean electricity. In ancient times, this system was used to pump water from the lower reaches of rivers to the upper cultivation areas.

Main advantages of the turbine.

This turbine is capable of generating clean energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of environmental factors.

The placement of this turbine does not affect the environment, since its implantation in the chosen location is natural. Civil works are minimal, with no loading chamber, penstock or buildings. The intrusion into the fluvial ecosystem is limited, it is a method which respects the fauna of the rivers, and is known under the name of SUITABLE FOR FISH.

Another advantage of the Hidrotor turbine is that take advantage of the natural slopes of the environment, It can be placed in different places, it can be adapted to a wide range of flow rates without affecting its performance.

Depending on the characteristics of the environment through this system, they can be generated from 25 Kw to 200 Kw. In addition the supply generated by this system can reach 25 households simultaneously.

The turbine operates in island mode, it is compatible with other renewable energy models so that it can be combined with all the options you want.

If you want more information you can visit their website Hydrotor.


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