Hyundai presents its zero emission truck. We are talking about a truck powered by hydrogen cells, autonomous driving, zero emissions, semi-trailer with ergonomic design, spectacular exterior design and which offers an impressive panoramic view of the interior.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the 1936 Mercury train, Hyundai’s last vehicle is a sufficiently advanced truck capable of surprising us.

The HDC-6 Neptune redesigns the typology of Hyundai trucks with zero-emission fuel cell technology. The truck has a panoramic cabin with a skylight that provides an incredible amount of sunlight during the day, giving the interiors a touch of glamor.

The truck comes with autonomous driving capabilities. As impressive as the interiors are, the exterior is equally spectacular.

The glass top of the truck is balanced with a bottom grille that works end to end, helping with cooling. The truck uses hydrogen fuel technology that burns to release water vapor, making the truck zero emission, while its bullet-shaped aerodynamic design helps reduce fuel consumption…. And the icing on the cake is without a doubt those shape-changing tires on the wheels that help increase air intake!


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