I consume green energy

Some may not know it, but in a country like Spain, with an electricity market dominated by large generation and marketing companies that don’t always give all the support they should to the electricity market. green energy (or renewable energy), there are alternatives that do. . As consumers, we have some responsibility in this regard. If we want to change the world, we must act and, of course, we can act.

Although we have been supporting green energy for a long time and it has been easy for us to change the model for the information we deal with every day, We perceive that people around us are unaware of the need to choose marketers with guaranteed energy like 100% green. With this, we are helping to make the overall mix of the wholesale market, where everyone is buying, increasingly green. These traders represent renewable energy factories that add as much green energy to the general mix as they buy from the same place to serve their end customers. The CNMC (National Commission for Markets and Competition) guarantees their energy as 100% green if they maintain the balance we were talking about. All this means that the more energy they have to guarantee (by having more customers), the more green energy they inject into the market, so that we will depend less and less on non-renewable and polluting energies.

These are concepts that are not always understood the first time, but the important thing is to understand that the type of energy that we support as customers can really positively influence our environment. Our commitment to supporting energy from renewable sources is helping to end the environmental degradation we are all responsible for. Let’s take the opportunity, we are free to contract the energy we want for our home.

Even if I contracted a company that represents 100% renewable electricity, the electricity that arrives at my house is the same as that which comes to any other neighbor, I am not independent, I have no other installation, nor my trading company has installed solar panels on my windows.

Even so, being a client of this type of business, I promote the production of green energy to the detriment of polluting energies, even if the one that arrives at my house is still (or not always) of 100% renewable origin.

Wind turbine

And pay the same price, no more, no less. The advice is therefore clear, go to a cooperative or a company that only works with 100% green energy, that there are some and very good ones. Companies like Holaluz.com which offer fair prices, but at the same time are committed to the environment and offer green energy 100%.

With a simple gesture, which will cost us nothing because we will continue to pay the same, (or less since despite the low margin of the sector, we will generally find fairer prices in these types of companies that are different from the “usual”), we can encourage the construction of new renewable generation plants and also withdraw production from gas, coal or nuclear power plants that they will have to reduce it for lack of demand.

So think about it sometimes the changes are closer than you think and in a simple way we can start to change the world from home.

Switch to a business that only sells green energy we send a clear message to our society in general and to our leaders in particular. Think about it, it’s worth it, you have alternatives, don’t settle for it.