In the bowels of the earth, Iceland can find a source capable of generating up to ten times more energy than oil or gas. To do this, a team used 176 days of digging nearly three miles deep in one of Reykjanes’ volcanoes, volcanic system in the southwest of the country. Under the name Thor, this mythological-drawing project aspires to be a milestone in itself when take geothermal energy to a new level.

For this, the members of this research project promoted by the Iceland Deep Drilling Project consortium drilled to a depth of 4659 meters in which the temperature is about 427 degrees. With this, what the researchers call “supercritical conditions” is achieved, in which, precisely, they seek the possibility of reversing the energy that the heat of the subsoil is capable of generating.

Once the drilling is complete, which began in August 2016, members of this project will work for months in the depths of the earth until they verify the viability of generating power from the fluids that flow. found there and that, if all goes well, they would produce steam from which ten times more energy could be obtained than from some fossil fuels.

“If the best project predictions are made, wells can not only be used for highly efficient power generation, but also new dimensions will be opened for the use of geothermal energy, maintains the driving consortium, which emphasizes that the supercritical fluid “It has a much higher energy content than conventional high temperature wells”.

If the project promoters stress that the first indicators are positive, we will have to wait until the end of 2018 to have reliable results on the effectiveness of these volcanic wells in which, yes, Iceland sees enormous potential. To provide electricity and hot water to a city like Reykjavik, the country’s capital, between 30 and 35 conventional wells would be needed. With supercritical wells in volcanic areas, the number would drop to between 3 and 5. And on the Reykjanes Peninsula, you can find Iceland, in addition to one of its top tourist attractions, the key to providing a new source. clean energy for national supply and even for sale in other countries.

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