Nail silicone straw with cross section to facilitate your cleaning and reuse. Icicle is easy to clean and reuse as many times as needed.

‘Icicle’ straw is an alternative to disposable straws this will allow us to enjoy our drink without having to worry about the plastic waste that we will generate.

Single-use plastic straws take 500 years to decompose, for only a few minutes we use them. But ending their lives in a landfill isn’t the worst, the worst is that they end up in our nature, in our seas and oceans, to become a serious risk to animals.

One solution to this problem is, of course, the use of reusable straws, but unfortunately many people are put off by the tedious cleaning process; this is the problem that designers Chu Hiu Ching and Cheung Wa Wa identified.

Stalactite It is made of silicone designed with a cross section, the straw can be used as a traditional straw and opened after use to clean the inner part. This allows us to use it over and over again for long periods of time, eliminating the need to use typical disposable straws.

The “ Icicle ” straw, designed by Chu Hiu Ching and Cheung Wa, meets growing consumer demand for eco-friendly cooking utensils, as they seek eliminate all unnecessary waste from your lifestyle.

This straw can be divided into two separate parts when we want to clean it; we can clean the interior without the need for cleaning tools. When dry, put the two halves back together and you can use it again.

Icicle received the Asia Design Award in 2018.

Creators: Chu Hiu Ching and Cheung Wa.