In the market we will find tables and tables of very variable heights, however, they are not all adapted by themes of convenience and ergonomics. In this sense, a decision to buy or manufacture

on, it could create muscle problems, spread, etc.

If there are any measures or standard height for tables and chairs, we must be aware that these may and should be modified in function of use that will have the physical characteristics of the user. There is no need for a person with a height of 1.90 meters and overweight, who weighs 1.60 meters and is thin.

Throughout it, it is always advisable to consult these measures before buying the fabrication, and in an ideal situation, try the table and / or sell it on display.

Obviously, when it comes to a project to the extent of DIY, there is a possibility to adapt

Table Height

On the next table you will find the standard measures.

Minimum Maximum
Eater Table Height 75 80
Coffee Table Height 48 52
Office Height 72 78

In addition to considering its physical characteristics, it must be valued that there are no elements that could harm the table ergonomics.

For example, there is a possibility that some tables include one or more drawers. These could occupy a space that would normally be destined for the pies in such a way that generates inconvenience to us and compels us to reduce the height of the fence (if this option existed). This problem is even more common in offices, not uncommon, at dining tables.

Chair height

To measure the height of a screen, we must measure from the point where the screen is attached to the top of the screen. It is estimated that there should be a height of between 45 and 50 centimeters.

In time to measure we must have in mind that the white sheets are padded. I mean, if we measure without feeling, we will be overestimating the real height of the fence.

As we sign, the eater socks normally are adjustable. However, for offices that are not frequent, they are also recommendable.

What particulars are there about a Dining Table?

Usually tables and dining tables that can be found in any store or store of furniture are not adjustable. Therefore, here the purchase decision must be more calculated.

On many occasions there will be games that include both tables and chairs. In these cases, the possibility that a combination of heights may be reduced is still not possible.

Most mistakes are made when tables and dining tables are purchased separately.

example table height and seat

In order for the decision to be correct, the height difference between table and table must be approximately 25-30 centimeters.

If you decide, if the table has a height of 45-50 centimeters, the table should be between 75-80 centimeters. These measures can also be applied to offices, even though these are much more likely that we can adjust the measures.

Height Adjustable Table

A type of table that is experiencing a peak in demand with adjustable height tables. This has an obvious advantage: we can adjust it to our ideal height, even independently of the frame.

But go there:

  • It allows them to use it with complete comfort for different members of a family, as well as their different physical characteristics.
  • You can adjust the height to use it while standing (standing desks). Lastly, it is considered that in many jobs, using tables that allow you to work on the pie has some interesting benefits, always and when you don’t abuse yourself: it allows you to have a more natural position, tones your muscles…