Terraces can be ideal spaces to be outside, but sometimes we can lack more privacy. However, the good news is that we can close the terrace and thus have more privacy. You would like? Well if you are thinking precisely about that and considering options for doing it, here are some of them Ideas for closing a terrace and gaining privacy.


Good, nice, cheap and super positive: place pots

If you have very close neighbors or you like the terrace to enjoy the fresh air but away from humanity, there are options to close the terrace and make it more intimate. A great way to hide your view of your space is place pots. If you are a nature lover, you will love having your patio full of plants and flowers. These pots will add color to your patio, but also a pleasant fresh smell and lots of oxygen. Having pots doesn’t have to be expensive, although it depends on the plant, but in general you can have good pots for little money.

Place many plants, or bushy plants, creating small vertical gardens, or horizontal if you wish. In the same vein, you can place a hedge, although this is more for large terraces. the climbers Yes, they are perfect for camouflaging our patio and keeping our activities away from the most curious neighbors.

If your patio is small, it will be easy for you to create the enclosure. But if it’s tall, you’ll need a trellis for the creeper to grab and walk through.

The best pots you can place for the enclosure are passionflower and dipladenias. If you have enough space, you can put bushes. While, on the other hand, we can create plant closures using ivy and bay leaf.

In any case, we must take into account the climate of the place where we live and the type of plants, because not all of them are resistant to heat, cold, excess or lack of humidity, so if you want to get it right, you will need to advise yourself first which plants will survive on your patio without a problem and give them the care they need.

As for the trellises, they can be extensible and, moreover, they are sold in plastic resistant to the rays of the sun. Even if it is a garden, you can put it in the form of a gate, for example. They allow you to realize different environments. The woods give that warmth that we love so much and they have the advantage of being very resistant. And if you like vintage style, iron trellis It’s a good idea. Although if you are looking for the cheapest, there are plastic mesh very economical.


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Fence in fences

Fences are another alternative to close the terrace and gain privacy, because you can choose the material you prefer, because there are wood, PVC and iron fences. But there is also bamboo, heather, wicker and reed.


They are very straightforward in terms of installation, as they are normally purchased on a roll and then placed over the wall. They manage to give a charming rustic air to the terrace.

Hide your view from the curious with roller blinds

Not only do they protect against prying eyes, but roller blinds also serve another purpose which is to protect us from the sun. You can choose different models, so if you decide place roller shutters on your terrace to gain privacy, and insulate yourself a little from the heat and the sun, you will also give style and personality.

Insulation of terraces with bamboo blinds

The bamboo blinds They are very common for enclosures, and it is not only a question of price, but the secret is that besides giving a very warm and cozy rustic style to the spaces, it is also very easy to clean, it is so perfect.


Bamboo blinds also allow you to combine colors and bamboo is complemented by materials such as wood, wicker or natural fibers. To be effective, especially when protecting against light, it is important, yes, that the reinforcement is very dense.

As if all this were not enough, bamboo is a natural and ecological material. This encourages nature lovers to definitely opt for this type of fence following this trend towards anything more respectful of the environment.

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What are blinds?

In fact, these mosquito blinds They are useful but for when the terrace has a glass enclosure, as they isolate but do not prevent the passage of light, so it does not produce darkness and, in addition, the visibility can be adjusted in some models.


They are also easy to clean and their fabric is flame retardant, so they won’t overheat despite the strong sun.

Gain privacy with curtains

They are an old and effective resource for gaining confidentiality. The curtains are customizable to the maximum, both in the fabric and in the colors and patterns if you have them. Choose the fabric carefully so that the curtains are not excessively hot or opaque.


When it comes to placing a fence on the patio for privacy, you need to consider things like the size of the patio, where you live, the climate you face, or what your budget is. Also, remember that your personal taste is also important. You are sure to find the perfect solution.

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