Having a terrace is a privilege and even more so at this time when the Covid-19 pandemic forces us to stay indoors for several days. The terrace is your small channel of communication with the outside, with nature, with the city, with the neighbors and with the fresh air and with the pure air that comes from outside. But if you live in an area where the sun hits very hard, your patio can also become an oven. If this is your case, watch out for these Ideas for covering a patio from the sun. This way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this outdoor space inside your home, without being overheated.


Awnings to protect you from the sun

It is the most classic solution and one of the simplest, the installation of awnings to cover the terraces when the weather is nice. Made of fabric, you can learn how to install it yourself, easily if you have a good guide, or have an expert install it for you. And then its operation is very simple.


When you want, you can open or close the awning to avoid sunstroke or heat in your home. You can customize the color and design of your awning as there are usually a lot of options.

Under the umbrella

Umbrellas are not exclusive to take them to the beach or to the swimming pool. If you have a patio and urgently need shade, pull out your parasol and you already have it. It is true that it may not be a very aesthetic option, but today there are models of umbrellas of all kinds, so we can play with this advantage.


In addition, umbrellas are a very economical resource, which you can place where you want, when you want and store in the same way, without taking up much space.

Sail awnings

Also calls “Stretched canvas”They are a little more festive than awnings and umbrellas. Thanks to their variety of design and colors, they blend in well with the environment and can create intimate and attractive spaces. They have a minimalist structure, which makes them more discreet than awnings and umbrellas.


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With crossed wooden slats and latticework

If traditional textile sun protection systems do not convince you, there is also the bridge in slats and crisscrossing wooden trellis. They have the advantage of reducing the incidence of the sun, but it is not a complete enclosure and offers a greater feeling of freedom and of being outdoors.


In addition, the wooden slats can be placed in different ways, whether vertically, diagonally, diamond-shaped, etc. You will mark the separation you want between the slats, thus regulating the amount of sunlight that will enter you through. This must be taken into account when determining how and how many slats to place.

In addition, it allows give the terrace a rustic or industrial atmosphere, because it combines elements of both styles such as parquet, a more industrial and cold trend, and natural and rustic wood.

Vegetable patio cover

It may seem that we are in the jungle but no. If you are a lover of greenery and nature, you might especially like this blanket, because it will bring you back to precisely that, in the middle of a jungle, or a forest. In addition to being beautiful, plants are able to prevent the entry of the sun, but also to improve air quality and regulate temperature.

Be careful, you have to pay attention to the type of plants you choose for the roof, because these plants will have to take care of them and ensure that they are kept in perfect condition, otherwise, goodbye to the cover! Another problem with plants is that they can attract insects, which is why the most recommended plants for building a deck for the terrace they are the deciduous ones, like the vine or the wisteria. This way we will have the possibility that when winter arrives we can enjoy the sun on the terrace. Although if you want year round coverage, in this case choose an evergreen species.

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Reed, bamboo or straw deck cover

Another good, nice and inexpensive resource for covering the patio from excessive sun is the rug. We can find reed, bamboo and straw mats. You can take them out and put them on at will, so you can have them all year round or take them apart in the winter. And it also has its rustic air that we love so much.

Glass roofs for terraces

We left it for the end because it is an alternative which has advantages but which also requires a good reflection and an investment before realizing it. The glass enclosures they close all the space. And they’re permanent, so you won’t have to worry about when the weather changes to put it on or take it off.


In addition to protecting against heat and cold, glass enclosures also keep outside noise from entering the home, so if you live in a noisy area, you may be faced with the best solution ever to finding peace. . during summer nights and sleep soundly.

In addition, this class of enclosures offers added security against thieves and unwanted people who dare to loot your home. And if you have kids or pets, they also reduce the risk of them having an accident and falling into a vacuum.

If you want the case to be able to be opened from time to time, you can request this option when you hire experts to install it. reform on your terrace.

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