The living room is the room par excellence of a house. We spend the most representative moments of our life at home there. This is where we receive visitors and hold our meetings. So let’s say it’s the backbone of the whole house. It is therefore important to have good ideas for decorating a living room. And as always, at Bricolaje10, we want to help you to make your life easier.

Decorate a living room it is not easy. As always, we will choose between two alternatives at the beginning: make the furniture ourselves or buy it already made or ready to assemble. It will depend a little on the courage of each and (in addition) the budget. Those who have a very tight budget Do not be afraid, because the ideas for decorating a room that we are going to offer you are more practical than expensive. Thus, in this article we will give you some contributions to decorate your living room and especially some tips for decorating a small living room.

How to decorate a living room

Decorating a living room is above all a question of imagination and inventiveness. Getting an excellent result is within everyone’s reach. As we started, one of the alternatives imposed lately is the DIY. It’s the “Do it yourselfOr do it yourself. The typical or typical “handyman” who can make their own furniture recycling materials. For example, we can build tea tables, chairs, benches or stools with pallets. We can also take advantage of fabric bags to make our own poufs. Another alternative is to take advantage of old utensils for new functions. An old suitcase to which we apply a suitable treatment can become a beautiful stretcher table.

Likewise, another alternative is catering. Today there are many places where one can find antique furniture which however deserves a new opportunity. In addition to finding some jewelry Among what others have already given up, furniture restoration can become one of our hobbies. It is certainly an exciting activity that will save us a lot of money.

How to decorate a living room

If, on the contrary, we choose the alternative of buying things in mallsIt is essential to have a closed budget beforehand. In addition, we must bring a clear idea (written and detailed) of the type of room we want and the furniture and accessories that we will need to achieve it. Otherwise, the temptation of these supermarkets can add a lot to our budget.

How to decorate a small living room

A small room it can become a real challenge. On the surface, cutting back on alternatives should also reduce headaches. However, this is not the case. This is because any bad choice will become very visible. For example, a piece of furniture that provides too much shade can darken the entire room and visually make the feeling of a few feet of space disappear.

Therefore, we will offer you some guidelines that will help you get the most out of a small space.

This principle applies to any small part: good light management. Indeed, it is very important to make the most of the light in a space. In the case of a living room, the light is what dictates, so to speak, the feeling of spaciousness of a space. The more light there is, the greater the feeling of space since the boundaries seem blurry. This means that for small rooms the recommended tones are light. Like him wall color like that of furniture should be clear. White is highly recommended, although pastel tones are also worth it.

In addition, with white, the contrasts become much richer. They will improve the identity of each piece much more. For example, a small brown sofa will look very well defined in a space where almost everything around it is white. Likewise, this contrast is valid for the rest of the elements. The white will help us to delineate the lines precisely. This will help to give a sense of organized space and (very important) independent.

Indeed, one of the things that contributes the most to generating feeling of space This is what the part in question looks like. In other words, we have to make sure that this room does not look like a “border” of another or an anecdotal corner in the whole house. We will achieve this by precisely delimiting the space.

For this, in addition to the color white, it can help us put a rug. It’s a great way to indicate, so to speak, what this space is independent of others. The carpet will be at the center of all the consistency of our entire living room. Therefore, even if it is a secondary element a priori, it must be chosen well.

How-to-decorate-a-small-living room

We can also decorate a small room using mirrors. Mirrors also generate a feeling of space. We can install them on the back walls, the ones you can see as soon as you enter the room. It will increase the feeling of grandeur.

And, finally, in the case of small rooms, we recommend to show a lot of imagination or, failing that, design. Design and the imagination will give us plenty of space.

Ideas for decorating a living room

First of all, there is a golden rule: any material is good. This means that we need to be mindful of everything around us. Imagine you wanted a living room with a rustic touch. Well, a ring of tree trunk after cleaning and give it a little polish can serve as a table. In addition, we can install four wheels and make one portable table.

Likewise, plush trees inside the room can give a cozy and rustic look at our living room.

Another option is a vintage living room. Taking a few second hand items, totally obsolete, one can have irresistible accessories. For example, an old TV, one of these analogues, can be used to create the basis for a shelf. Likewise, old telephones, record players or typewriters are useful because decoration elements.

Ideas for decorating a living room

The furniture we choose to accompany our vintage living room can also be recycled or purchased in department stores. There is no need to worry about not finding the right items as there is a large offer for this type of rooms.

Finally and above all suitable for the small pieces that we want to offer to decorate the asian style. The Japanese are experts at taking advantage of small spaces. In this sense, they use non-opaque materials to decorate their walls or as a screen for enjoy all the light. This is the case with paper. We can create a movable partition between our living room and the rest of the house with a paper panel. This will allow light to penetrate from room to room.

We can also put stretcher tables with low height that gives the feeling of miniature relative to the rest of the space and help make it bigger. In general, it’s a clean, minimalist style that can get a lot out of a small space.

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