When we want completely decorate a room the project becomes simpler. In the end, we are already used to this space and its dimensions. We’ve been thinking for some time about what we’d like to put on each site and how we’d like it to be. However, when, for example, we have just bought a house and find ourselves in front of the empty space of rooms, it seems more difficult to decide what kind of option to carry out. Many of you are surely at this crossroads.

Trying to give you some solutions and ideas So that they can make the decision easier for you, at Bricolaje10 we present this entry to you. In this document, we want to offer new and ingenious ideas for define as much as possible the possibilities of a space. Even if it is a very small room or a children’s room, we have made a collection that will probably help you.

Ideas for decorating a room

When you are going to decorate a room, the first thing to consider is who is going to live there. Decorating for a child is not the same as for a teenager or a student. Much less for a married couple or for one of our parents who, perhaps because of age, should stay with us. Thus, we will adapt all the decoration (including the materials) to the person who will spend most of their time there. Likewise, the design of the room itself should be taken into account. This will influence the type of furniture and the facilities it can offer to the detriment of design or vice versa.

It is also necessary to start from a quote. No matter how clear your ideas are, if you don’t keep a closed budget, you run the risk of buying more than you need or unexpected when you’re in the business. Distribution centers. It always happens, and it is very difficult to resist.

Ideas for decorating a room

From there we can get into the material. Regarding the walls, it must be said that the dictatorship of the whites and also that of homogeneous colors. Today there are many models that allow us decorate our walls like a mural. For example, an original idea consists in setting up a “pixelated” wall, that is to say with grids made up of squares of different colors.

Keep in mind that materials are crucial. For example, for a girl’s room, Pastel colors and the natural wood furniture They are perfect. They give a feeling of softness and warmth although in recent times they have imposed the pink and black jumpsuit. In the case of boys, chrome furniture, metals and methacrylates are more practical. At the same time, in girls it is more suggestive to leave open spaces, organized and with large spaces. In the case of boys, dark-toned shelves will give the space a greater sense of profusion.

Another very original idea can be seen in the textured walls. These are made by covering the walls with panels of different materials, from plastics to synthetics and fabric composites. Depending on the material, you can get this or that effect, more heat or a more “futuristic” feeling for the more daring.

For the most classic, the consistency between furniture, the colors and the amount of light we have are crucial. You have to be very aware of the type of furniture and the colors you choose depending on the light. If we are in a room with little natural light, we need to use light tones to highlight the one reaching us.

Ideas for decorating a children’s room

When it comes to children’s rooms, we will follow two guidelines. If there is one new born, with the intention that you feel comfortable, comfortable and comfortable, we will design a room for him or her in white and pastel tones. It is advisable not to over-stimulate the baby with very bright colors. It also affects the type of furniture we install in the room. We must ensure that the furniture is as little as possible. Of course, we also have to ensure their safety in this regard and we have to choose furniture with rounded edges. In case there are edges or peaks, we can cover them with protectors. In any case, we have furniture specially designed for children from a few months to a few years. These pieces of furniture will avoid any fear that could arise with our little one.

Also, curtains that we choose must have childish patterns. You can install a small border with animal motifs or things that he begins to identify. In the case of these little ones, these tips will suffice.

Ideas for decorating a child's room

If they are a little older, keep in mind that they will have more and more toys. Therefore, these toys will have to find a place. This is where we will start equip your room with more furniture. It would be a good time to paint before installing the rest of the furniture. This will allow the line of decoration that we give to the room to last longer. True, at eight years old they will be tired of pastel colors, and the whole room will have to be completely changed. Better to be warned!

Ideas for decorating a small room

When decorating a small room, the key factor is the optical illusion. A very advantageous option is to use mirrors. A strategically placed mirror in a corner of the room can project the image of the rest of the room and give the sfeeling of space.

If the room is small and also receives little light, take advantage of the little that reaches us. This is done in two main ways: to give the whole room light tones and to use materials that, as far as possible, are not opaque. In this sense, paper is becoming an increasingly recurring option. Indeed, in Japan is used paper for your walls because of the diversity of its cities. There is hardly any light inside the houses, and the paper walls let in from one room to another.

Ideas for decorating a small room

We can also give a greater feeling of space by positioning ourselves hidden lights (for example, behind the head of the bed) which give the feeling of greater clarity. Likewise, when it comes to the headboards, we can make them look like there is space behind thanks to a few vinyls that make us believe that there is more space.

Finally, for a small room, in addition to these tips, we will say one last. You have to make a prognosis in the furniture. In this sense, design can be presented as a valuable ally that can help us solve our space problems. By making the most of the profits, we can get the most out of a small room.

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